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The triangle that illustrates the rock-paper-scissors relationship between the enemy types allows you to possess the green enemy. This is a trap because you cannot possess any of the other enemies (or return to the previously possessed enemy), and your ability to shoot is disabled.

The 2nd room (with 7 enemies, one of which can be possessed) allows you to shoot all of the enemies and reach the door, but it doesn't unlock because you are expected to possess one of the enemies. Suggest blocking the path to the exit to force players to possess the enemy that allows them to reach the door.

Thanks for the quick response! The way that itch installs games can make it difficult for people to locate the file. A little redundancy doesn't hurt.

Really fun! Very challenging!

In addition to New/Improved and Fixed, you should have Known Issues to let players know what bugs they might encounter (and offer workarounds, if available).

Arguably, this should be more prominent, but it is not your fault that requires a click on 'More information' to see the status. 

Fun game!

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Nice puzzle game! I was a little frustrated at first trying to figure out how to use the bridging ability effectively, but once I figured it out it was fun working out the puzzles.  A few minor bugs, but they don't impact the gameplay at all. I like the art style and the music (though the music did get repetitive for me). Would be great to see this developed further.