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Thanks very much! Glad you liked it :D

This is a super fun toy! I enjoyed trying to breed certain traits out of the population (which after I've said it out loud sounds really, REALLY bad, whoops!). I kind of would love to see what's going on under the hood here, it would be cool if you could reveal some of that through feedback of sorts every time you click on something (like showing what parts of the thing get distributed to where, though this might take away some of the magic). It would be a nice way to juice up a simple toy.

Also the alien designs are super cute!

My favorite thing about this was actually the little map and seeing the character move around on there. (Was that just a different camera?). I realize that the primary feature here was the maze generation which was cool and worked out rather well with the color coded sections making it well delineated.

Since there was no real gameplay reason to jump (and the jump was rather shallow and unsatisfying), consider using that to map to activating doors and games instead of just mouse click. It would be super cool, of course, if playing the games affected the maze.

I thought the concept here was really interesting (having to cooperate with an AI, asking her to do something and she decides what to do based on the concept). However, having to manually trigger it made it feel like it may as well have been scripted. I didn't really feel like she had autonomy. I kept expecting for her to learn things but couldn't really tell if she was (or was intended to).

The difficulty curve was strange, the first level with a puzzle was much harder than subsequent puzzles. The animations were pretty nice but there seemed to be some lag when switching directions that made moving feel cumbersome.

Nice work, good luck with your science!

This was super cool and atmospheric, I loved the little details of how floaty the dust particles were, it made the gravity feel quite believable. My biggest piece of feedback would be that it would be nice if you could rotate through all the different previews without having to hit escape to back out, it would just smooth the flow of the experience a little better. Sometimes I found the erosion unpredictable (like at first it would only change things a little bit, but then all of a sudden it was like super noisy and I didn't understand why it was such a big jump).

If you plan on developing this further, it would be super cool to actually juice up the transition and show all of the little additions and erosions growing into place. Perhaps also a terrifying ending for if you accidentally bury yourself alive :P

Overall, super different idea, I enjoyed it!

Nice shaders :) I loooved the interaction of "pressing" the elevator buttons.

Hahaha, great interpretation of the theme :) Though I am not patient enough, I know precisely the person who would play this and leave it up for 7 days, so I'm going to get him to play it. Stay tuned for if he succeeds!

Hooray for possession mechanics! I felt like I couldn't get Pinky to follow me by toggling R. he did his walk cycle but just stayed in place. I would have liked to experiment with leading him to safe spaces, but fortunately I was able to kill all the dudes before they got to him. You may want to consider some bigger spatial landmarks for the level, as once I cleared out all the dudes, I had trouble telling where I'd been and where I was trying to go. It was interesting to me that you let Pinky pick up and shoot guns - I didn't really feel what the advantage was in possessing other dudes when Pinky was perfectly capable of dispatching them with his gun, other than ability to go HAM since I didn't care about dying as an avatar. Giving me more reasons to want to possess different things is worth exploring if you continue to develop this game. Nice work!

Well done! Good use of minimalist art to create compelling puzzles out of very simple mechanics. I liked how you switched up spaces based on what was solid and empty (black or white). It was often difficult to predict if I could make a jump or not, but this is an inherent challenge with first-person platforming. I liked how you used directional atmospheric sound cues. It'd be nice to have a touch of feedback to let me know I am actually moving, for those moments when I find myself in an entirely black or white space, so that I know my input it still registering. Really good work!

This was lovely :)

Thanks very much for the kind words! :)