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Some new things I have noticed:

  • A table has no collision in room 2F - Lair of the Dormouse, East.
  • An "enemy appears" event can trigger even if you are too close to the door leading to the dining room in the main hall - you can't escape this way because the staff member spawns too close to you and he captures you immediately. Not really a bug, but it's not fair in my opinion. (This happens near other doors, too)
  • The game crashes if you try to hide under the bed in room 2F - Lair of the Dormouse, West

I'm stuck at the Dormouse section by the way. I already opened both safes and got everything from them, but I can't find the copy of the key in the corridor outside the library. Could you give me a hint, please?  I figured it out :) 

(I like the little secret in Room 7 if you register with the "real name") 

I sure know! :)) 

Amazing, thank you! :)

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Yes, I was able to move and interact with objects.

I couldn't replicate the bug that makes opening the inventory impossible, but:

  • If you hide under the bed while there's no enemy nearby the "ryhtm game" doesn't show up and the only option you have is restarting the game.
  • If an enemy appears and you try to hide under the bed but the enemy is too close you can't complete the "ryhtm game" - the screen turns black and you immediately get back to Room 7. The textures/tiles won't load, even though you can still move around and interact with objects in the room. 

I'm sorry to hear that the game engine restricts your work. This game is full of wonderful ideas, so I'm pretty sure it deserves a better engine (Game Maker would be perfect for this project in my opinion),  but I guess you'll have to stick with the one you started with, as it would be too much work to start everything from scratch again. 

I'm sorry if I'm being annoying.

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Thanks for clearing up everything about the number dial!

Some other things I noticed:

  • On the piano, the keys are labeled with numbers in the range of 1 and 6, but in the number selector GUI you can select numbers up to 10 - that's kinda strange.
  • I'm not sure if this can be fixed, but if you close the piano your characters's texture appears before the disappearance of the image of the keys.
  • I got a call from P. in Room 2 regarding the piano puzzle even though I have already completed it - this event did not occur in my first "playtrough".
  • I couldn't open the menu using the Esc key after getting caught under the bed in Room 5.

And a suggestion: I think it would be cool if the staff members started "banging" on the door if the player chooses to close it (after hearing an enemy nearby).

EDIT: Oh, I just realized I didn't answer your quesiton. It took like 10-15 minutes of walking around randomly the entrance trying to find a key or a hidden switch to open the door - then I realized I'm dumb as hell.

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I've been playing this game for 1-1,5 hours now, and even though I like it so far, I think some elements of the game could be better with some rethinking:

  • Firstly, the notebook is a really good idea, but the organization gets annoying after a certain amount of time - new entries should go to the top instead of the bottom.
  • The smartphone - another amazing idea, but sitting trough the dialing session every time I mistyped a number is tedious, so it would be cool if you made skipping  it available.
  • No offense, but the AI is... not the sharpest tool in the shed. Plus a "staff member" somehow captured me even though we weren't on the same floor.
  • There should be some kind of hint regarding how to solve the first puzzle of the game (getting into the hotel)
  • There's a bug in Room 2: if you close the door and try to get the key back later, it just doesn't show up in your inventory thus making it impossible to exit the room.

What I liked so far:

  • This whole save-load mechanic is a really good idea
  • The graphics of the game
  • The paintings on the wall
  • The piano puzzle is fun
  • Notebook, mobile phone
  • The music
  • Running away and hiding from the "monster" parts
  • The secret exit in the character's room

Good luck with the further development!