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I'm working on maps for my wife's D&D campaign, and the houses I've sketched have diagonal walls, so when building the actual town, I'm having trouble finding tilesets with diagonal buildings/walls. Eventually I'll make my own tilesets, but I was hoping to get something quickly thrown together so we could get the adventure tested.

This was the first installation. I found the snapshot and installed from there. love the program! just with I could find the tilesets i'm looking for

I'm trying to install, but from the browser, it just sits at "installing" indefinatly. If i force close itch, it says it's installed, but i cant launch it. Then uninstall, it sits there indefinatly until I foce close itch again. trying to install once more, and its still sitting at "installing" :( not your fault i'm sure. but i'm hoping you have some ideas