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We had planned to add more to this document as we find more resources out there. We unfortunately don’t know everyone and everything, and we wanted to at least have a small selection to start with!

But yes, we will add them and a couple of others we have found in a future update!

Agree to disagree on the case of AI. Art is a job like any other and people making it deserve to be paid. AI rip off the hard work of those people to make flavorless art. The Reddit thread seems pretty antagonistic towards artists by calling them bourgeois with delusions and shit.  An image on the internet does not equal public domain and usable by everyone for free (including to feed AI), they are protected by copyright laws. If you don't have the means to buy original art, nothing stops you from putting placeholder art temporarily.

There are very affordable artists out there doing really cool things, so at this point IDK. Unfortunately, it's like everything else, if you don't have the means for something, you are not entitled to a way to have it for free because YOU don't have the money. Placeholder art and early access are there to feed your project and allow you to add unique art to it! If your project is cool people will finance it and help you. If you are open to it you can even learn how to draw and it's an infinite well of free art!

Oh that's awesome! I'll note it for the eventual expanded PDF with more resources!

Nothing weird promise, I just checked your other reviews on other games ^^

Send it over your Instagram handle! Have fun!

Yeah these leave so fast, especially on this particular project, I can send you one directly though!

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Hi, we added a couple of Community Copies if you wish to grab one!

We are so glad you had fun! It's always cool to hear from people who played our games!

All of these episodes looked so fun! We do have to ask, was this streamed, and if so, is there a VOD, we would like to watch it so much!

We've made a cool review of What Crooked Roots over at out Ko-Fi: