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Thanks! Glad you like it!

Thanks! There's a Japanese language version called 小銭の達人 if you wanna show your Japanese friends:

No worries! Technically, still a bug, the game should have given you a cursed 1000, but I never made one of those.

Did he post about it somewhere?


Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it. Right now the game code doesn't actually track the lowest number of possible coins returned in each transaction. It only notices if you have more than 4 one yen coins, for example. Both the math and the programming of the best possible choice were a bit complicated for me - this was my first attempt at programming anything and I had to learn from scratch.

I've been playing a few rhythm shooty games lately (thinking of making one myself) and this is the only one I've really felt the beat and the impact of the music reflected in what you're doing in the game. Well done, felt really good.

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Thanks! And thanks for the reports!

Had fun with it on linux, thanks!

Hard to see the missiles sometimes, a brightness issue. Didn't really feel the game jam theme coming through. But it was a fun, enjoyable minute, and with more work on it, more mechanics, I could see myself digging this game.

Listed erroneously as playable under linux, but there's only .exes and .dlls in the folder.

The only controls I could figure out were the left and right keys, and I couldn't progress at all using only those.

Like the idea, was very confused how to combine clues with guess /gamble etc and how it all worked. Interested in seeing the game developed more.