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This game made me glad I had my brown pants.....

Loved this! It was so weird and so much fun!

I LOVED this game! Really creepy! I made a video!

This was a proper creepy game, great work!

I couldn't complete this it creeped me out so much! Great Game!
Here is my YT playthrough!

Loved the game! super creepy! That guy in the wheelchair in the first building gave me super Outlast flashbacks!

Excellent game, great use of suspense! I had a blast playing making the video for the game!

Entertaining game! Those spider things were creepy as heck!

This was great fun! Excellent atmosphere in the game!

loved the game! really creepy!

That was one creepy AF game! Good job!

Loved this game, so much fun! Loved the Nightmare on Elm Street references.