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Honestly, I think doppelganger co-worker may have the best design in the game.

First off, this was an awesome experience! Two questions after the break, though.

1. So the fire door ending is supposed to loop?
2. Is the 15 endings detail on the page a typo?

Oh good, I'm not the first. What these guys said.

Hello. I just thought I'd refresh my request. I bought this through the racial equality bundle about a year ago, but I didn't know you put your games on Steam until I was recently messaged about your recent game or that an Itch purchase comes with a Steam key. My download page does not have one, however. Is there any way we can set one up? Thanks!

They do on mine. Unfortunately.

I can do all the songs on normal except that damn second one with the Halloween brats. It's so BRUTAL.

No problem. Can't wait for The Third Shift to see completion!

I went and bought (as well as enjoyed) the game, but I was unable to use the discount because I was told there was a $1 minimum. Just thought you should know.

Thank you!

It said if I bought the bundle I would get the making of thing too, but it isn't showing on the download page.

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I don't have a Twitter, but what if I e-mail you?

Edit: Eh, nevermind. Just call it a donation!

Is there a place or a way I can add to my purchase to get the artbook? I bought this through the bundle sale. Thank you!

Cool! This convinced me to get your bundle. Say, is "The Backrooms" hitting itch in the near future?

Hello, just bought it here and sent you an e-mail of my own. Let me know if there are any issues! Thanks!


So, is it just this picture or...?

Why is this listed as "not available on Windows" whenever I look at it on the client?