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Thank you all my dreams have now come true xxx

Pretty darn fun for a game that only uses two keys.

I saw this on the twitch IndieCade stream and thought the design/subject is clever. Really liked the butterflies page and the journal-style cover. Thanks for creating and sharing it!

I LOVE your Triceratops  and your coding tips! :)

Agreed! This is such a good inclusion in the bundle because I think a lot of people will be inspired to make stuff after playing the small indie games. Thanks Lexaloffle!

I'm anxiously awaiting my date with random civillian and his baguette.

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I actually failed my MSc Computer Science because I couldn't get my head around CPU architecture but this is a great puzzle game. The learning curve is steep but you can get there. Can I retake my exam based on this game, please?

Surprisingly good idea. Like advanced fridge magnet poetry.

Weird fun game where you are a robot processing croissants on a conveyor belt. There are different croissant processes to perform for each level. It’s 15-30 minutes of story-mode challenges plus an endless mode. Made me want pastries. I'd play this again.

This is great loved the puzzle with the tiger!

Best thing on the internet right now. Encourages completely open creativity. I only wish I could make 16-page zines! If this was a drag queen it would be Yvie Oddly x Crystal Methyd x Love Connie.

Liked that there are so many unexpected endings. If you think you've 'won' play again.

i am a totally normal stick person and I played this game and now I have a stick person boyfriend. 11/10 please make the Random Civillian dateable.

*patpatpatpatpatpatpatpat*  HONK!