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You are a Gem too!

Thank you for playing our game and giving such nice and deep feedback here and in your video. 

There is an unwritten backstory that is very shallow that we had in our design document. In The Tale of the Greenhouse, the world is taking place in hell, but this hell is full of greenery and is more like a jungle. It is the hell vibe our name "Magmaplant" Studios comes from where a magma plant could maybe be something that could be found in this world! All creatures are our own hell fantasy creatures.

Kind regards!

Yey, I watch the stream! So happy you played it and wanted to share it on twitch and with us.

The majority of us are actually working on a new title right now but I can't tell you more now, but soon you can see what we are brewing  :3c

// Louise

Thank you IndieJunkie! We are taking that as a very good compliment. Awesome that you wanted to play and record our game!

// Louise

Hi Bakidasu! Thank you for playing the game and thank you for your feedback.
If we have time in the future we make sure to check if we can solve that trouble with the shears ^_^

Warm Greetings


Thank you delenn13 for posting about our game! It means a lot.
It was a fun reading ^_^

// Louise & Bono

Thank you diyanysus! We wish that too, but sadly we did not have time to implement that yet.

You have made the first video of our game what I know of so far. Special thanks for that! 


Wildroseinteractive thank you so much for your feedback! The screenshot feedback is very important to me and I are going to see what I can do to improve.

I am happy you enyjoyed playing it and think it's cute! <3 

A couple of month ago I released my first game Panta Panda: a game about collecting bottles and recycle them as a red panda to prevent the world from ending.

With the release I also created some community goals. But I don’t have a community yet but I wanted to create goals that maybe would attract more players.

The goals are following (see the picture):

Panta Panda: Goals

I would love some feedback on the goals. Are there confusing? Would you be interesting in being a part if something like this? Anything you can think of is of interest to me!

The game itself is downloadable here but you don’t have to play the game to give feedback of this topic if you don’t want to.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!