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Full Walkthrough if anyone gets lost. I felt sympathy after i died so many times. I loved this game so much. This is a great game!

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I had a a great time playing this i hope you continue the rest.

Here is my go at it. I will get to all you guys one day.

Thank you for the game! I want a diskman in real life haha

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This Game stands out. The end is actually quite terrifying lol! Great game!

10:24 For the scary scares! if your impatient :D

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This Game is so scary. Had a great time playing it, Thank you!

20:00 minutes in is when life is really over lol. Whole game keeps you on edge so amazing

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This game is so wild. I started a series on it this part 1 of being scared out of my mind. This is the steam version. Thank you for the great game!

=] thank you

Your welcome keep up the great work!

This game was amazing. It had me on edge the entire game!

This game was so different! Me and my little bro had a great time!

1st recording lol. thank you for for the good play. enjoy =] 

Leave a comment about the game or me :D Thanks Again!

Hey this game was seriously amazing. Thank you so much for the great time! Hope you enjoy!

This game was so fun!

This was a a short game but it was a great time! hope you enjoy!