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Download the QWERTY build :)

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First of all, thank you for your review, it was a pleasure reading you. Seeing what each person who has played the game thinks individually is a real wealth in terms of learning and I have taken into account each of your arguments.

Our intentions during the production of this game were indeed to propose an experience based on tension and atmosphere. It is a pride for all of us to see that the game works and that the developed mechanics serve correctly these intentions.

Regarding penguins, we would have liked to go further in the iterations, but as quoted in the description, it was a six-week exercise, and we did it according to those rules.

We have learned a lot during the production of "Expedition" and it is above all a product bearing intention about what we want to bring to the video game industry.

Thank you again for taking the time to write us this review and the interest you give in our work.
I hope to be able to reread you in future publications.

Thanks for putting us on your top :D Nice video.

Thx for the video! Very appreciated :D

Thx, we tried as much as possible to work on the atmosphere and atmosphere of the game, happy that it works.

I’m glad you liked it !

Thx for the video !

I'm a huge fan of H.P Lovecraft, thx for the video dude :D

Thx dude, i was in charge of the sound for the games, glad my work is appreciated.

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Not for now, wait and see. 😁

Thx for the review guys ! Nice video.

Thx for the gameplay dude, It’s always a pleasure to see the game works and see people enjoy playing it. 😁

Well done !

Thx dude :D

Amnesia was one of our references :D

Hello, thank you for your feedback. It’s a pleasure to see that the game generates interest and that people enjoy playing it. Great video by the way.

Thank you, I was in charge of sound design, glad you like it. 😁

Thanks for the video dude, we’re really considering developing a final version. 😁

Thx for your comment. We will add an option to map the controls soon :)