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I mean the representation works really well because of how casual it is in the world, It would just be nice to see that brought into her character a little more but it works as it is. I herd one song at the beginning over and over and it was a little repetitive and when I started to really get into the story it I wasn't paying attention to the music at all. I don't know if that's what the point of but when I opened the game files I was surprised to see there was more music is all. I don't know if it was because I was so into the story or what, but I do like the music.

---Minor Spoilers---

I loved it from beginning to end, fell in love with the characters, the art style, and enjoyed the personality the game had throughout. The twist was good but I think story showed its hand to the player a little quickly despite this the was interesting, engaging and I enjoyed it a lot. The endings were good (but I do wish for a good one just because of how much I like the characters) I appreciate how it was able to accomplish the feelings it did for such a short story. I may be a bit biased being a transwoman and I really related to Mercredi and saw a lot of myself in her before the reveal that she was trans and it definitely elevated the story's significance for me personally; although being a little disappointing it wasn't touched on afterwards. I also appreciate how the other lgbtq+ representation was handled. my last complaint being the music, it was a little repetitive in the beginning and it just kind of disappeared soon after for the rest of the game going back I do enjoy it. This was a wonderful experience, thank you for your work and I appreciate it immensely. Im eagerly await something new by you.

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This game is really nice I love how there was threatening moments but no jumpscares. It really makes you want to get all the endings. One question though What dose the little radio on the side of the house do?

I am SO not taking you to dinner.

man that art is bad.