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I have tried that but it's very difficult to make sadly... I don't think I will add online multiplayer anytime soon, but maybe I will one day if I have the skills for it.

Your strongest attacks are the phantom fist, and the charged uppercut. You can do the phantom fist by holding the attack button for 1 second, then releasing. you can do the charged uppercut by holding down for a short while, then pressing up and attack quickly.

These 2 attacks take pretty long to start up, so your opponent can attack in the meantime. one of your faster strong attacks is the (regular) uppercut, which you can do by quickly pressing up/jump and attack at the same time.

Don't worry about it :). Many games have guides that explain these kinds of things, and this game doesn't explain that part, so it's not really a lack of skill for not knowing that. The advanced charging techniques are just in the game for players who love to optimize the mechanics of the combat.

You can play against a CPU/AI by pressing left or right on the character select screen at the "control options" section.

thank you so much for the comment and for playing! the charged uppercut attack can be charged by holding down, so not just by crouching. you can charge it during another attack, during a roll, while parrying, or while in the air. This is what the lvl 4 CPU does constantly (and frame perfectly), so somethimes it might look like they unleash this attack out of nowhere, but they can't do it if they weren't previously doing something that a human player can't also do. Similar situation with the phantom fist, though I admit that there are quite some bugs with the AI.

I just sent one back


well, I have never really made an entire game for someone, but I do make pixelart animation comissions, which of course the price depends on how many animations you want. i can also help with some of the building blocks in godot, or make a game that is a bit simpler than this. it all depends on a lot of things, like what you want to make, or what parts you will design/make yourself.

We can talk a bit further about this on discord if you have it. my tag is "weentermg"

otherwise, you can also mail me at

Thank you so much!

ok thanks! I will add an option for p2 to play with . and , . not really how I usually design controls, since I often would rather have the playyer use the left hand for movement, but I think this is an ok way to fix it. custom controls might be a little annoying to make, but maybe later. thanks for the help and comments btw.

hmm. no there is currently no other attack button. I will add some more ways to attack! btw, are you playing on a mechanical keyboard or a laptop (or maybe even something else?)? that would be useful information for fixing these kinds of things. you can also play the offline version with controllers btw.

Thanks! Player 2 controls were made for use with the keypad, but I guess it can be annoying to use if your pc doesn't have one... or maybe there's another issue/way to fix it. Let me know!

the red dart (Bulls-eye) deals more damage and more hitstun by hitting your opponents compared to a regular dart. About 1 in 10 dart throws will be a red dart, but it's random.

Ah yeah. I also managed to do it with an airdodge but won't load the screenshot. Pretty interesting discovery.

haha! how did you get there? with a divekick or air dodge or something?

yeah... currently the regular version of silhouette Showdown is played a lot more. I noticed an issue with the player 2 controls on a mechanical keyboard, basically sometimes it doesn't register an input when certain buttons are pressed at the same time. If you have any specific feedback on how to make the game more responsive, I would love to hear. Thanks for playing!

well, most of them do, and I will be adding more

Dragonfish can press down, then left/right towards the opponent to do a yellow fireball. it's a lot slower on startup, but after shooting the fireball dragonfish can move almost immediately again. This means that you can run behind it using the fireball as a sort of moving shield, or you can use it to start a combo.

Shella Snail obviously has her heart shooting attack.

Shella Snail can do a similar thing by holding down for about a second, then quickly pressing up + attack. The can shoot a lightningbolt upwards to shock opponents.

Totem monster's moves aren't really secret, as they are pretty easy to do, but he can hold down + attack while in the air to do a totem stomp. He can also double jump.

Happy and Mad don't really have secret moves. Since they are a 2 in one character they already have the most attacks out of every monster.

Lily and Orbit can press down, then left/right away from their opponent to do a yellow crystal kick (the crystal clear kick). It makes the crystal from her normal crystal kick spawn later so you can combo off it better, but honestly, it's not that good of a move in my opinion. I might remove and replace it later.

I'll probably update this list later once there are more secret moves, but hope this helps!

It's one of her secret moves, so tbat means it need s a special motion to be inputted.

in this case, hold left or right, away from your opponent for about one second. Then quickly press forward + attack. You can see if you hold away long enough if hearts start appearing around shella snail.

You can also hold (left or right) away while crouching or attacking. This ensures that you stand your ground while charging. This also means that you will lose your heart charge once you start walking forward again.

I'm planning on simplifying this a bit in the next update. It may be a bit confusing at first, but I think you'll get the hang of it.

you can combo by landing hits after eachother fast enough that the opponent can't escape.

there are a bunch of attacks and you can view them all in the "GUIDE" section, but the most important ones are:

punch : press the attack button (SPACE for p1, keypad ENTER for p2) without walking or crouching.

kick : press attack while walking

roll attack : press attack while running. you can run by double tapping the walk buttons

uppercut : press attack and jump at the same time. The timing may be a little strict at first, but it shouldn't be too hard. (you can't uppercut while running)

air kick : press attack while in the air

most combos are pretty hard to time, but you don't need to combo to deal a lot of damage and make it hard for your opponent to escape, so don't worry too much if you don't time your attacks perfectly. an opponent can only escape if you launch them too far away, they parry in time (which requires precise timing), or they attack themselves (the attacker almost always has more time for a second hit than the defender). that being said, here are some combos:

punch > punch > punch ... (continue as long as they are in range, try not to mash the button, but to time your punches)

punch > kick

punch > uppercut (works only if you're standing close)

uppercut > uppercut (works best if you're standing under a platform, in a corner or the opponent can't get out of the air)

crouching punch > kick

punch > crouching punch > uppercut (while in the corner)

air kick > basically anything (punch, kick, crouching punch, uppercut)

if your opponent is attacking you a lot, you can press the parry button. when you parry, your enemy will be stunned for a short while which allows you to start your own combos.

making good combos is all about knowing how your attacks flow into eachother. The combos I just listed are not all of them and you can mix and match attacks to see what works best.

try to keep your offense going if you think you're in an advantage, even if it's not a "real" combo. strings of seperate attacks are also good for damage. use the terrain to your advantage, such as by using platforms to land early after an uppercut, or by cornering an opponent, which makes it hard to escape from your punches and kicks.

have fun!

thank you!


If you're playing in the browser version, make sure to use google chrome, otherwise it might just be a temporary little bug in for as far as I know.

In the non-browser version, there is no fullscreen option implemented by default, but maybe you can use some other software on your pc for that. I would recommend playing on the browser version anyways though.

Thank you! I'm glad to hear that :)

I think adding more control customization options would be a good idea in general. I'm working on the next update already and that's not really within scope of the next deadline I set for myself, but I will for sure look into it. As for the input lag, that is very strange and I have not experienced it myself, but you're saying it's with the enter key on the keyboard, so it can't really be a controller issue... I can look into it, but I doubt I can find or fix it. Are you maybe confusing input lag with input buffering? (When pressing buttons quickly after another, you can press attack during the previous animation so you don't have to time every attack frame perfectly in a combo. This system might cause some problems...)

Yes I would love to hear your feedback on how to change gamepad controls. What would you change?

hmm, I was not really planning on adding cooldown to moves, but I can change to attacks in different ways to make them more fair. What exactly is the problem with Dragonfish's crouching attack? For example, is it too hard to react to, too difficult to punish after you block the attack or something else?

Yes, you can buy sprites from this game or get a commission. We can talk about this further on discord, my name is weentermg.

Thank you!

Thank you so much. Hearing things like this inspire me to keep making and updating games.

It should work on the Windows and Linux versions. Let me know if it worked.

You're in luck, because there are AI opponents! On the character select screen when selecting the controls, press left or right with the opponent's controls to change the player into an EASY Ai, or a HARD Ai.


for developer related mails, contact me at


heck yeah!

this is awesome

Awesome game!

This game is amazing!


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That sounds awesome! how can I contact you further about this? (weentermg on Discord)

플레이해주셔서 감사합니다!

I love it! the art and concept was so nice. My only problem would be that sometimes it's a bit hard to follow if you're not fully fluent in English, for example, the text of the mathematician character.
Still, really cool game, it made me feel smart when I figured it out.