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hhhhhh??? i exceeded the crypto cap and the bar is just? still going???

Right click on chromebook by clicking with two fingers at once

Okay, but the AI makes no effort to bring its crown piece out of check

Also, helpful tip for new players, go for the idle path when you come to that choice. With active, you'll be splitting your attention between this game and all the jam games.

This is... really cool, and a great way to promote other peoples's incremental games. Good job.

Follow-up: Bug appears to have fixed itself

Sadly, I do not have a screen recorder on my chromebook I'm playing this on.

But the title screen appears, yet i am not able to click any of the buttons.

I can't seem to start the game, I tried clicking "Play" and subsequently mashing every key on my keyboard.

git gud

I just want a good, difficult "expansion pack" of typing tests. 

To be honest, the new tests in this are relatively easy, despite the new projectile to worry about. Nothing like Tauriel. And there isn't even a final boss...

chiaki's first word being the n-word is so deeply profound i hope this comes back

so if the year is 20XX and X=20, then it's 20*20*20... so it's the year 8000.

Is it possible you just... haven't gotten the word out well enough?

Need more of this

this sounds like the start to a dr seuss poem
doom on snes?

pregnancy test?

pico 8?

doom on a vape?

The way you introduce mechanics reminds me a lot of Baba Is You. Especially when you reveal the use of multiple Steves and reviving dead Steves.


Hi! I'm on a chromebook and the game crashes whenever I try to play a story mode week on Hard difficulty. Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or is it a bug in the game's code?

Can you increase the font-size on the name entry thing? I have to squint to see it

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for replying. This was just something i wrote late late late last night, sleep deprived, because it's just been on my mind for the longest time. I do like to consider myself a pretty decent writer, so I might just take your advice. Your games that I've played so far are all a delight to play, so you've definitely earned a follow from me. If I do end up making my own text-based adventure game, would you mind if i were to... um... "borrow" some of the plot ideas from your own series of magical girl games? Like the nightmare/dream theming and whatnot

Did you know? You can undo after a restart to go to the pre-restart move

Hi! I've just discovered your work but i'm a huge fan already, and i have an idea i've been sitting on for a while but haven't been to act on as i have no game making skills of my own. I know you likely don't care, but i want to share this anyways. You see, i love the idea of magical girls, but i had always thought "what if one wasn't a girl to start with?" In essence, I am thinking about a closeted trans girl who awakens their magical girl powers through the method of coming to terms with their true self and working up the courage to tell loved ones. Again, I don't expect you to care, but i just... this idea is important to me

OHHH thank you! I never thought to look at the papers!

I got the part about the yellow and pink squares and unlocked the rightmost gates, but I have no idea how to get the left two gates open. I'm embarassed to ask, but can you provide assistance

"Dilemna" has had me stuck for much longer than i'd like to admit...

fuck i'm stuck on the accounting one

math makes my brain hurt

on that note i'm incredibly dumb and didn't realize there were maze blueprints on the computer

would you be willing to make a walkthrough for those thoroughly stumped? I don't have the patience for chapter 2's spike maze.

I choose not to use twitter, tbh. Drama and politics just ruin it for me.

Ah, cool! Do you have an estimated release date?

Hey, this isn't related to the game, but what's the game in the background of your profile/page/whatever? It looks really similar to another game i've seen on this site before by the name of Sokosoko (

Also: If you push the green level into the blue level some amount of layers down, layer 1 becomes a different level!

Here's a fun thing you can do! Once the red level is pushed out of the way, you can go an infinite number of layers down!