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Relaxing game with a beautiful black and white atmosphere.

It does not have complex gameplay mechanics or the like, but I think the simple mechanics compliment the relaxing vibes of the game very well. Not exactly my type of game generally but good execution nonetheless.

Love the evasion moves of the gho... ah.. spirits and the cool line fade :)

Could have used a bit more UI maybe to tell you how many spirits you still need to find?

Cool sound and cute graphics -I get the Papers Please vibes, but I think the scanning is totally useless, did not come across a single package that couldn't be identified by it's packaging as bad / good.

Little bug I found - I think my employer doesn't seem to care about my wrongly labeled package count :P

Actually surprisingly delightful to play for what I first thought to be "just another 2D platformer" entry :)

Animations are super cute and the slow introduction of new mechanics make me keep going to get that next mysterious box.

Physics feel a little weird to me, so it's a little clunky to get Gamebert to what I want him to. I noticed I cannot jump when he's very close to a wall and got him stuck even at the end. (see pic) Maybe a smaller hitbox can fix this?

Otherwise, great game, would play again :)

Yeah, had to cut some corners as we were only 2 people. The camera is only an issue when crashing mostly right? 

Love it, but the D key doesn't work for me :(

No, normally there are around 25+ people uploading games, most of them join late because it is not the primary source of information. Have a look at for more infos.

Regarding the location issue, I really don't know if it against the rules (will ask) - but I would highly recommend only joining if you plan on being a member on a team that is on location, even ask a few people on discord in advance if they want your help, because team building is usually done on location and nobody is gonna check for partners once the jam has started. If you wanted to create the game on your own, I'd suggest you try an online jam instead. 

Am now listening to music played to me by the game, did i win? 

No but seriously, interesting concept!

I loved the humor in this story, the characters were exceptionally well designed and very likable.😊

My favorite is the misunderstood dragon that couldn't even fit through the cave entrance even if he wanted to 🐉😂

The only downside is that i cannot finish it, would love to be able to continue the story after exiting the cave 👌

Sorry that we didn't include control hints for PC, you can dash using shift. Will update that. Thanks for the feedback!