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cant  wait til i get money so i can play this game

was it said in the game?

i loved playing this game it was sooooo fun and i got all the endings without having to look it up which is what i usually have to do

cant wait to see the final game

this game was fun but i thought it was going to be something different, and not have a killer in the end.

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everytime i try to get into this game it doesnt work because it just shows a bunch of files even when extract so also i tried to do it a different way and it still didnt work

10/10 longer than i thought it was going to be

THIS GAME WAS SO GOOD I hope that a full release comes out soon im obsessed it also scared me

this game is funn

How do you get into inventory what do you click

i wanna play paper lily where can i find it

will do

i kept having to pause while playing this game, and let me tell you how sad i was when i had to wait to play it; this game is genuinely so amazing and i love the characters. i'm definitely going to draw all of them and i hope you can see them some how; either way, thanks for this amazing game -miles

i love this game 10/10

this is one of my favorite games ever T_T it's so sweet and heartwarming

rlly cute game with nice music

this is such a cute game, the cat noises are so cute everything about it is soo cute

rlly cute game i love the wallpapers T_T

i've seen this game a lot and its rlly good

i really love this game that's all i have to say

this game is really fun tbh, the ending was really good and i like how the cutscenes go from inside the slide to what changes when you come out! good game :D