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Hello :)

For now its purely physical. If you follow the link to my page, you should be able to subscribe to get notified when in stock( actually, I will have standard versions up very soon).If anything, go to



Glad you liked it! Definitely next on my list once my main game is finished. 

Thx for playing man!
The goal was to make it more forgiving, but didnt have time to tone down that AI! LOL Glad you liked it in general :)

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Thx for playing!
Not yet. Im currently working on another project, which is my main game currently. Once I get done with that one, this will be fully fleshed out. Ill definitely let you guys know once that happens. Ill probably be posting a demo for my other game in the coming 2 weeks :)

Thx for playing!

Definitely! One of the goals was to have a weapon and a way to replenish life. Unfortunately there wasnt enough time to add a system for any of them. I have great things planned for this, once I finish my main project, its full steam ahead ;)

thx man!

Yes, its autoscroll through a complete line of screens. All it took was one 16 by 16 white tile to write it all out ;)

LOL!!! Yeah, sometimes it feels like the badguys from Bayou Billy cheesy!

Thx for playing! :)

did you defeat the robot that spawns the other ones? If you reached the screen with him on the floor, thats the end of the demo. If not, might be a bug. That mod is riddled with bugs still since its so new, let me know if its that ;)

I did a basic palette swap for the "Fury" text and a game object for the flames ;)
In the arena however, I cycle between 2 different palettes to get the flashing background for one and the electrified floor, which causes damage (And smasho cola sign...LOL ) for the other.

LOL! Loved it man! That ending cracked me up...Sounded just like a good friend of myne from back home, and something he would actually say.