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Really Fun Game.

I acutally enjoyed it.

Ha ha :D I didn't expect this.

Thank you , you are so nice. :)

It's really fun game.

I like the comical story setup.

Good game.


A good game to play with your friend.

Each person controls each character to cooperate.

Thanks for the game.

Interesting idea for a platformer game.

It's a good game to exercise your brain.

Thanks for the game

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Nice control. Good platformer game.

Thanks for your game.


Interesting game.  Cute character. Special/Interesting mechanism.

Good game :)

A really interesting Game.

There are A LOT of small puzzles to solve.

Good game.

Good game.

Good music.

I had a lot fun when I played it.

Music is so good.

Game  mechanism is interesting.

Control is nice.

Short and sweet.

Good game!

Nice atmosphere. good back ground music

Good game, have fun to play it

Good game. I love it

Really fun game . I love it. Good job

Good game I love it

It's really fun game.

I like it

Nice game play concept . Good job :)

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The atmosphere is nice.
The rain and the sound is good combination.
Thanks for the game



The mechanism is really engaging.

But the difficulty stop me going further. 

Thanks for your game.


Really comical art style.

The nose punch is a surprise.

Thanks for the game

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It's a game for me to reduce me stress.

The character looks cute.

Thanks for the game

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The game is relaxing for me.

I failed to pass the level 8. Maybe it's too difficult for me.

Good game , thanks for making it.

I failed to go futher after I used the elevator.

Ctrl key( to crawl ) sometimes accidentally trigger other hot keys when I played with browser.

I am curious about what will happen further.

It's sad I could not go far in the game.

Good work :)

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I run into a few bugs during gameplay. I don't know if they are intentinal or not.

The story is interesting, I am curious how it will develop.

Good work, keep it up.


I didnt know the goal of the game, maybe it's just about skateboarding around and having fun.

Then I did it !

Thanks for the game.

Good job , Keep it up :)

The game kind of play on its own, I don't know if it supposed to happen?

Jojo is good :)

The idea is really fun.

I would love to play more with this concept.

Maybe it's my browser version cause it?  I use firefox.

Still thanks for the game :)

I like there is a short story in the game.

Even I struggled with the control a bit, I still enjoyed the challenge and had fun.

Good work :)

My bad, I didn't read the whole description. Thanks for the game :)

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Tiem: 12:59

The camera makes it really difficult to avoid the spike.

One-shot-kill and no check points make me unable to go any future.

Thanks for the game :)

It took me a while to know what I should do in the game.

Maybe the 1st level should have longer time for new player to learn the rule :)

Interesting idea

Good for excercise my brain :)

Control is pleasant  :)

but it's sad that a ninja is unable to attack.

Time: 04:49

Time: 9:11

Cute character :)

The gameplay seems about some movie reference ( I guess).

The music is good.