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THIS IS NOT a video game. There is no game to play it is not meant to be enjoyable. I hate video games and gaming. Do not talk to me about video games or gaming because I HATE video games and gaming. This is an executable file. This IS NOT a video game.

you r supposed to walk into the guy

Thank u for playing  my game  !

what do you mean

punch emma again but say yes on the question


There is a third ending

Emma could  be evil

absolute nightmare to play  i can barely move around the house there are way too many glitches i keep clipping through the ceiling and can barely walk up the stairs 

after the beach at the beginning i hit e on the power over and over but i cant get it to do anything im just softlocked like the other comments are saying

thank you !! I am glad you enjoyed it

Go Fuck Yourself Then

which rpg maker version is this?

yea theyre like the first image result for scary eye or something like that lol

hahahahahah thanks for playing 

i should explain its not really a game this is like a joke i made for my friend lmfao im surprised u managed to find something to do in it for 3 minutes 

thx and im sure yours is great

you just go to and draw

ok good luck bro i cant wait to see it

yep  thats what i thought  flickgame is literally the easiest shit ever a 10 year old could do it

you are obsessed with me bro either make a better game or dont

Prove me wrong

(1 edit)

so do better otherwise you will never accomplish something better than stickman rampage

you have 0 games on your profile 

yeah, im sort of at a writers block, im currently actually in the process of creating a new one, eventually i'll get one out

yeah but its nothing serious

you open up your preferred engine imagine a concept and then begin creating the concept in your preferred engine

I love Grogu Back Equip in Fortnite. The Baby Yoda Fornite Back bling equip.

you can mute the tab and the keys are located in the box in the back of the room but you need to use the computer first

try downloading the file attached and playing it through that if the annoying red box is still there

its  good game im also 16

idk bro watch a walkthrough you use the computer then it prompts you to leave and lets you use the box 

use the computer first

Thanks so much for the support glad u enjoyed it :)

bruh embed the game instead of put the html for download

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in the chest in the back of the room press the arrow

Thanks for playing my game I am glad you enjoyed it : ) My friend said the same thing about the jumping part but I guess I didn't make it as easy as I should have :)  

I didn't touch it