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Hello, Has anyone experienced/ has an answer for: The Chrystal is now gone, say get book from Dux but i already got my book from him, plus it says talk to Gerdalt but i have already talked with him, plus greenhouse is locked. Just currently stuck and didn't know if i was missing something. Thank You Playing on PC

I agree with silverxrzz, there are actually a couple of these games that have good potential. It's unfortunate the work couldn't be completed : (

Great work on the game. Excellent game and can't wait for next chapter.  Just wish there was more diverse ethnicity in the men plus more diverse/different body types/builds. : )

can't figure out how to enter sewers and having a problem locating Briggs and Cotton I think, thank You

I did rob the Father at the Cathedral for Minerva but it's saying I didn't

Thank you so much for your kindness. Have a great day.

Hello, just very recently started playing Lustful Desires. Even though there aren't any voice actors I am still enjoying the game so far, just not a fan of reading lol. My question is: The game says I leveled up but I've noticed that my stats don't raise, is that normal? Thank You