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Wayward Spartan

A member registered Aug 20, 2017

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At first glance, I began reliving those old school FPS days and this game followed right on through. The speed of gameplay pulled me right in along with the environment and enemies. The ability to consume their corpses adds a unique flair that makes the game invite more of a challenge which I'm hoping to see further along. Being able to heal nearly constantly fuels the idea that damage can taken in bigger chunks, forcing the player to really think before throwing themselves into the carnage. I ran through the level as I would back in the day and I'm very happy that I did not find all the journals and secrets. Just proves that it will take patience and determination to not only face your adversaries, but to collect all the goodies.

Fantastic Game!!! Can't wait to see it in all its glory!!!

"A true challenge of patience and determination"

I believe the game's strongest trait is its difficulty and the simplicity of it. With just a frisbee of a shield, rolling and geometry, the challenge face is indeed a tough one. Every defeat was an invitation to outdo myself.

The aesthetics of the game are captivating with the color palate being calm and the enemies/character having their unique animations that captures your eye. With just a few enemies, you've created diverse rooms that ask the player to come up with on the spot solutions. The music is peaceful and I enjoy this because it allows me to focus more on the sounds of what is occurring around me.

Overall the game is a great time spender with a taste for victory always lingering. I've yet to complete the tower, but I know that one day... I WILL...

"Kept me hooked until the very end"

I think what made this game hold me so well was the progressiveness of the difficulty. As new things are introduced, they become a new challenge to keep in mind. However, not ever room after the introduction of a new element will contain it and I feel that this is a good way to keep from over stimulating all at once. The player gets to refresh their mind on other details and also gets a chance to maybe find an easier puzzle to contend with which raises morale. The art style is very easy to digest and without explanation, you can easily figure out what a certain block entails. The tranquil music that plays is also engaging in the sense that your mind can process right alongside it. I had no clue how many levels there were, but I was determined to go as far as I could during the time I had available, I now will wait for the next levels to come and to see what new blocks they will hold. 

A splash of nostalgia and a constant meeting with my end!

Mushy's Adventure brought back that old school platformer style where simplicity governs the theme and its the player who will make mistakes leading to their own demise. It took me about half an hour to complete those 10 levels, but mind you, each level needed only a minute. Impatience is the true enemy here and it's great when the challenge of a game is yourself. The game as a whole is cute and a fun quick experience, but I also see much potential to improve by taking it to the next level or for the developer to outdo their previous work. Incredible Job!

Notes: To see the menu, I did have to press ESC 3 times, the third being the one that opens the menu. Another thing is the jump sound, it occurs whenever you press space even if you are already in mid jump.

Glyphs is a game with limitless possibilities. Being roguelite, the potential this game has is only bound to the imagination of its developers. In this short demo, the clear difficulty this game can present alongside the unique experience of choices the player can make, reveals but a taste of what is to come. Personally I chose to go archer when choosing my weapon, but that was 1 of 4 choices I could have made. With magic and special items involved as well, you can build a character of your design and take on the opposition, your way. I certainly look forward to what updates will come and to see the final product when it releases.

After diving into this game, I can already see that this one that will revitalize couch gaming. If you miss the days when you asked your friends to come over, eat pizza and play against one another all night; this game right here should be included in that night's lineup of mayhem. GREAT JOB MATT!!! Certainly looking forward to it's completed form and any future projects you'll be working on.