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Thanks for this.

Using this you can reach the next level.

Currently on level 3.


Absolutely superb.

Experienced a random crash (game locked up hard with mostly white screen) on level 2 just after using a smart bomb and trying to hyperspace in quick succession (FF 105.0 / Linux) but after playing again repeatedly cannot reproduce :(

Great stuff.

CHIMERA 2 community · Created a new topic Linux Crash Bug

Thank you for this! I have had fun playing around with it.

Found a (sort-of) bug: if you manage to walk off the edge of the map, using the unlockable means to do so, the Linux version crashes: the character animation continues but the movement keys no longer respond and the game also no longer responds to the ‘exit’ command, forcing the user to kill the process manually.

Fixed in 0.17! Thank you so much!

Looks great, sounds great. Just tried out the Linux version - something seems to be up with keyboard input :(

Start menu navigation wasn't easy - keys not immediately recognised - then on playing the game the ship constantly drifted left and wasn't controllable.

Seems to be detecting a joystick on startup, but I don't have one connected, maybe to do with it?

Sorry for slow reply on this one: just tried it and can walk around most of the environment ok but now get crashes every time I enter the pub :(

Yay for new release! Eep for consistent crash bug running on Linux under Wine: each time you leave and re-enter the start room - no matter from which exit, and I tried them all - it crashes on re-entry.

Yay! Works great on Linux under Wine. Looking forward to further updates.

Thank you for this. So cute. Too cute. And much fun.