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Wayne / Art Ravers

A member registered Aug 23, 2021

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MMM, Lovely, Lovely Game !  More Quasimodo Games  please and please dont get the hump because I asked you that - BOOM BOOM !  :->

Splendid Game !  Hope to see more Fantastic Titles from you in the Future Ant !

Any Updates on what looks like quite frankly...  An Incredible Gaming Experience !

Lovely Stuff !  Very Exciting to see you Working on another Game !  Like C64 Mat I am a Huge Fan ( Us Yorkshire Men proper Stepping up to give you Mega Support     :-> )


Oooo, This is exciting !  Graphics looking nice, Great that you are using E.B.C. Mode for Graphics.  Have to say I DO like oldschooljoe's suggestion but maybe just have a few "Guest Stars" for Baddies Dracula and Frankenstein, every single screen with a different Baddie might spoil the Illusion - just my Humble Opinion.  Oh...  And Good Luck and Best Wishes as always  :->

I Really hope Arlasoft decide to ignore the "PIRATES" and continue onward with more STELLAR Releases - They are Clearly Incredibly Talented and it would be A Crushing Blow not to see ROBOTRON 2084 and FUNFAIR inc Released !

Excellent Stuff !  Can't wait  :->

"Not Programmed by David Darling and Richard Darling !" - Ha Ha, Hilarious !!!  We Love you ARLASOFT - Wayne

Sorry to hear this - Hope that Fortune Smiles on you and this Fantastic Looking Game gets Completed !  :->

Any News on this Lush looking Title please ?   :->

Really Classy, Love the feel of the Controls, perhaps saulc12 off Lemon 64 could do a Tiny Update of the Graphics for you but other than that, this is heading in the right direction - We are Long Overdue a PROPER conversion of Galaga on the C64 - Wonderful Stuff !  :->