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Nice little game that gets better as you go along. I think the very beginning feels a bit too tedious, but the pacing feels really good the further in you get. Really great to see more literary game adaptations too :D

That was my first attempt at solving it too, trying to box in the cabin -- somehow managed to trap the wolf by happy accident :D cool little game tho

Smooth game loop! Great aesthetic too. Good simple tutorial as well.

Dope game! Really enjoyed the whacky experience. Great absurdities all around, and dope UI too boot.

Nice game, in a way I was at first hesitant about the RNG aspect of the unit changing, but when I embraced it I got really into chasing down the enemy only to run away at the last second when my unit morphed into something killable. Mentally, I get Russian roulette vibes from playing this, dope UI too for 48 hours :D