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No i don't, i just drew the characters with a mouse, i know if it could look doodled, but it's an anime visual novel, but i did draw the characters using a mouse

obviously anime

Obviously anime

no, it's anime, because of the art, it's anime like, voice overs, japanese, so yeah it's anime

it's an anime game

the art is anime, and the voice overs are japanese, so it's anime

yep, it's quite based on DDLC, it's been working well

yep, i drew them myself, i took a long time to make this visual novel, check out the trailer! i hope you liked this visual novel :)

hi again, good joke here!


thank you! you can use applications with sin open, for more stuff about sin, check out my discord server!


your welcome


This instrument is great

ok, click on the buttons too to see what they do

yep, you can also use apps with sin open, but btw if you cant hear sounds of sin, try clicking the sin application while it's open.

Sin video: "I may pronounce you | Sin"

Sin video link:

thats not what im saying you can get the bundle too to reset Ms. LemonS and Mr. TomatoS or just reset Mr. TomatoS to reset Ms. LemonS or something

(1 edit)

MsLemonS file (from the MMFApplications folder) just has some weird symbols, not just global values from the game

which is what?


me too


There is a MrTomatoS File hidden in your Appdata folder, all you have to do to reset mr. tomatoS game is to go to this location called "%userprofile%/Appdata/Roaming/MMFApplications/" and then open the MrTomatoS File, open with notepad, wordpad, it's all ok, and then set anger=1 to anger=0 and set close=1 to close=0, ur welcome!

your welcome!

try clicking view and then click on hidden items to see Appdata folder

is this safe?

Maybe people think this game is a virus because of one of the files that might harm your pc i think, but can i ask, Can you make another game please?

The first game actually gives you a virus (uh oh not good) but you can change your virus and threat protection settings to make it not have a virus onto your computer (that's what the developer of Ben.exe told me) and even often, nightmare, the virus of your computer can even take control of your computer, it always takes control, and he used to be innocent but he even has gone to far, so he takes control no matter what the player has been into in the game, and even often, he takes control of your mouse, he can mess up your keyboard buttons, and he can delete the hard-drive of your computer (oh no he's up to no good) and at the end of the first game, he finally gets free and gets permission to do anything to your computer (that's just a fair warning) so stay tuned and be careful with your virus and threat protection settings onto your computer, and try opening "Windows Security" to get to "Virus and Threat Protection" (for all the info sorry ur cool)

you meant "site"


idk i did not create that game

because i wanted to make the game read ur username, but hey, i can make it read ur name without the OS object and Developer Version, I use the YASO object and then go to the event editor and then right clicked on the box and then a window popped up, i used the YASO and String object, and then Left clicked on Change Alterable String, and then used the string ("Hello " +CurUser$("YASO Object") +"!") and then clicked on OK, and then i ran the application and the string said "Hello Username!" yea my user is not username but it can read ur username! Try doing that! for all the info sorry ur cool

it's bc it has disturbing themes, disturbing imagery and audio, moderate language, and 4th wall breaks. which can disturb a child.

is this game a virus or not? and is this game real or not? (can this game be real and a virus?)

Maybe it IS true, but i have full version on steam so i can make full games, like long-plays and short-plays, i wanted developer version cuz i want the "OS Object" but it is ONLY for developer version, and I saw that IT WAS EXPENSIVE ($299.99) and i dont have any money for it, who can help me get money?

Thanks! Download Clickteam Fusion 2.5! in or Steam! Steam's link:

oh, sorry, i'm just uh... telling you if you would mod it, but you can see what it was made but it's not the game developed by me you know? i'm developing Mr. OrangeS and it's a game based on both games by Oxtord Games