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there are only 2! 

Nope, opening the door doesn't affect the endings! It's just a "hidden" extra scene. Thanks for playing!

there are two endings! you should be prompted to save at the point which they diverge. 

If you mean the password inside the game for the door, you'll have to find it in game (it's a puzzle, sort of). fancyrat is the password for the earlier version (1.00) of the game.

I'm sorry about this error. What browser are you using? I've tested the game on Chrome on a mac laptop but errors have been reported in Firefox which I've yet to find a solution to. 

what browser and OS are you using? a few people have experienced similar problems in firefox on mac OS, and i unfortunately have been unable to find a fix that works all of the time. i'm sorry for the trouble. 

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fantastic and fun game, i really enjoyed getting all of the endings and unlocking cgs in addition to character info! the art, music, and writing all mesh wonderfully with the overall mood. 10 kidneys/10

hi! first of all, i'm glad that you liked it. i'm sorry for how vague my answers will be, but i hope they provide some sort of closure. 

it is intentionally vague, but i realize that's an unfulfilling answer. originally, it was intended to be fairly clear-cut that lera died at the end, but some things happened in my personal life, my viewpoint shifted, and i decided that i didn't want to release such a hopeless story into the world. i'm much happier having it be up to the player, and i hope that there is ample evidence for the view that she survived and was amalgamated into the building to lead a happier life, fully loved and part of something. i don't want her descent into the pit to be read as a suicide, at the very least.  

i've always refered to nika as the "child" of the buildings-- she is a part of that family, and thus, as synecdoche, the building itself. yet, she still has independent thoughts and a seemingly human form-- she is not quite a puppet, but she's a mediator of sorts between lera and the family. 

the gasoline is just a trap. the real answer to this is extremely boring, which is that i needed some sort of justification to lead lera into the building and have her stay there, and there is no deeper signifigance. 

i guess the "i thought you'd be angry with me" comment doesn't make much sense in the context of the happy ending-- i wrote it after writing the true ending, to be honest. i can understand why it would be a bit confusing after the other ending. 


there's no need to apologize for anything, don't worry! i do sincerely appreciate you telling me, and i'm happy that you enjoyed the game ^^ 

oops, it slipped my mind that i'd included two conversations regarding gingerbread cookies; the second one doesn't have choices, you're right! 

i'm not sure what could cause that error-- i've had issues in the past with mistyping file names, which causes that error, but then you'd expect it to happen for everyone. regardless, thank you for letting me know; i'm very sorry for the trouble, and i'll take a second look at the code and make sure that there aren't any typos!

oh, i see! i should probably read a bit about the itchio desktop app, i don't know much about it at all...  

huh, that's very odd! thank you for letting me know. i wasn't able to reproduce the error on my own-- what choices did you make in the conversation? 

by desktop app, you mean the .exe file? i'm sorry that it was slow, rpgmaker is poor with optimization from the start but i will try to improve it in that regard 

thank you so much, i'm so happy that you liked my game!! it means the world to me, i'm very grateful!

there is no concrete answer regarding the ending, but i wish that lera survived, too ^^ 

i'm very happy to hear that!

hi, thank you so much!

i'm incredibly honored by your offer to translate;  my discord is io#2305 and my twitter is onisarashi, you can message me on whichever is easier and i'll send you the game files!

i'm really happy that you enjoyed it!

i don't think my 'intended message' is any more valid than the messages that players take from it, so don't worry, your reading is as correct as mine! :-D 

your words truly mean the world to me! i'm overjoyed that you connected with my work, thank you so much for playing my game. 

thank you for playing it! i'm really happy!

thank you so much! both of those were unconscious inspirations in creating it, so i'm flattered that my work could remind you of them ^^

thank you so much! i'm overjoyed that you liked it. i took inspiration from a lot of things that i read and watched and then i let it all marinate in my brain for a few years :-D

thank you very much! my apologies for the extremely late response; someone reached out to me last month about translating it into Spanish, but i'm incredibly grateful for the offer!

thank you very much!! i think the 'true meaning' is however it makes you feel, though that may simply be 'confused' haha 

and thank you for playing it! i appreciate it incredibly!

thank you so much for playing it, i'm incredibly happy that you enjoyed it! ^^ it means a ton to me, truly! 

thank you so much for your interest, i'm extremely flattered! i sent you a request on discord ^^ 

Hello! I'm very honored by your offer. If you're still interested, all of the game files are here. Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you very much!

Have you visited every floor, including the rooftop? 

there's also a true ending! it diverges in the final room (the one with the pit), so i wouldn't replay it just to get that ending because a lot is the same :,-)

That is very odd-- the save files are stored as browser cookies, so I assume that someone else's data was on your computer somehow. It's certainly not intended. 

My sincere apologies for my late response! I send a request on discord, mine is io#2305 :-)

There are two endings, both diverging from the final room (with the pit)!

I'm happy that you enjoyed my game! There are two endings, and both diverge from the final room (the one with the pit). ^^

I'm really sorry about that-- I'll add a note to the itchio page because it does seem like some of the formats break in safari. I'll see if I can find a workaround. I'm happy that you liked it regardless!

What device and browser are you using? It sounds like it's an issue with video playback. The videos are in .webm format, which may not be supported on all systems. Thank you for letting me know!

thank you so much!!! 

there's no bad ending, but there are two endings: a happy ending and a true ending! the names are arbitrary, though, you could see either one as being the "better" ending ^^

thank you so much! i'm incredibly touched to hear that; it really does mean a ton to me. ;;