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Thank you for the voice as I have a craked one hum didn’t want to expose myself :)

Here’s mine ! Yours is really interesting !

Yeah don’t worry !

It’s really cool

Thank you buddy !


Here’s mine ! Yours is really interesting !

Bro I already tested 😐

Nice game bro !

Here’s mine ! Already rated yours yesterday!

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You can rate with watching vid 🙂 on main page

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Here is mine ! https://shiftinity-studios/serenity-islands already tested and rated yours !

Thank you man 🙂 I had to wake up at 7 then sleep at 22 to do this

Yeah please ! I rated your game too !

Hoo I liked this one !

Yeah I had big fun 🙂

Really like the retro 80s neon style loved it !

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Again an awesome game the concept is not ordinary so that’s kinda cool !

Yeah no worry !

Thanks !

Here’s mine ! Yours is really interesting !

Here’s mine ! Yours is very cool !

Here’s mine ! Yours is very cool !

Yeah I would like to continue too ! Thanks for the feedback !

Normally, I don’t like too much horror games but this one was really fun to play !

No way bro thats my first Game Jam I’m 16 and you said this is your favorite game on the jam bro !?! Bro thank you !!!!!

No worry 😊

Here is mine !

Really loved your game fun to play and theme interpretation is 👍

Okay lez go

Ok no worry !

Yeah I’m gonna play

I already tested yours remember 😂😂

Thanks for this awesome feedback !

Thanks !

Me too I surely test 🙂

Ok cool cool

Did you find ?

Yeah I’ll give a full mag

I’ll for tst