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She is supporting ukraine doing what she knows best. The memes that make you sick help keeping morale high and rallying support, because that's how propaganda works in the XXI century, and it has achieved a lot for Ukraine. If you're so sensitive maybe you should not expose yourself to war related content in the first place.

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Sorry for this late comment but I just wrote a review of this game so I played I thouroughly (and initially fell into the same mistake as you did)

If you're using a freezer you're playing the game the wrong way! You see, in GoTA death is not so much a setback as an opportunity, and the process of dying and restarting with the code is in fact necessary to progress, as every time you do so the game gets easier thanks to the artifacts and credits you amass. It would take a ridiculous amount of time to do it in one go, if that's possible at all.

Tested on A1200 with ACA1221lc, works a charm. Is it normal that when I get to the two blue tanks I can do nothing?

Thanks for this release! We will be reviewing it for the K&A+ magazine soon :)

I challenge my friends at this game when they´re over. Now I have no friends anymore.

Had a go at it while translating our coverdisk table of contents. Best game of the 15 in the collection. Thanks for letting us include it in K&A Plus!

I had the pleasure of reviewing this game for our magazine.

I'm no expert in C64 programming but the intro sequence seems pretty impressive for the system. I wrote a piece about it for the next issue of K&A Plus :)

I would have paid ten times the price, because this game finally got my gf hooked on the little computer ;)