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Awesome feedback thank you so much! We should for sure take another look at the controls and make them feel tighter (isnt it wierd and fun coming up with adjectives for how controls feel)...hopefully if/when we make a full version itll be a greater experience =)

Haha hopefully we can make it an even better experience in a full game!

WTH there's a game called i am bread?? lol 

Thank you so much!

Thank you !!!

I think we are deciding to make a full length version!

Got really laggy when a lot of balls got on the screen (lol). But it's an amazing and fun platformer. I'd pay for a completed version.

Yea we ended up messing with some mechanics we didn't have a lot of experience with...I guess that's the point though haha. Crazy how sometimes things that seem so simple can take so much energy trying to get it right.

We laughed a lot during the making of this game xD Thanks for the kind words

Thanks ^_^

Heheh funny you say that...the programmers struggled with the projectile physicsi for a whiiiiiile

llolololol thanks that was one of my favorite ideas too. It's good to be laughing while you're making games.

Very well done