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This game was fr great. I really liked how there is clearly some sort of mystery and lore that im missing. It makes the game even more fun to want to play. Keep up the great work :)

heres my vid if anyone is interested

THIS GAME WAS SO MUCH FUN. Like I'm so serious, this game was insanely fun to play and VERY cool to experience. All of the audio was super cool and immersive and the pictures were super cool as well. Keep up the great work

Here is my vid if anyone is interested. sub if u like it lol :)

This game was pretty good. It is definitely not the best but it was a lot better than I thought and I did get jump scared lol. Keep up the good work :)

here is my video is anyone is interested. subscribe if you want lol

This game was seriously amazing. if the demo is this good then the full game is going to be INSANE. Graphics were great, voice acting was amazing, mechanics were great, and overall everything just felt right. Keep up the good work guys! Here's my video is anyone is interested :)

This game was amazing. It was very different from most games that I usually find and it had a lot of mechanics that I had never seen before. overall great game and would definitely recommend. here is my video on it if anyone is interested:

this game was super cool and funny. I was not expecting 5 endings but that was a nice surprise. Devs, you guys really did an amazing job. Here is my video for anyone intersted :)

I finished the rest of the game for Christmas. Truly an amazing project. shoutout to everyone that was included and helped out in this. Heres my last Madvent video if anyone is interested:

16-20 is now done. This game is so good and if you are reading this and have not tried it out yet... go try it out!!! Here is my video is anyone is interested:

Man this game just keeps getting more and more fun. Just got done with 11-15 and this just keeps getting better and better. Here is my video for anyone that is interested:

Just finished games 6-10. This is super fun. Im definitely going to play madvent every year from now on because this is just straight up fun lol. Here is my gameplay of games 6-10 if anyone is interested: 

omg the first five games were super fun. I'm going to play all of them but I have to do 5 games at a time so that I get the to all of them before Christmas. Here is my gameplay of the first five games if you are interested:

This was... interesting. It had me confused but at the same time very interested. I liked how creepy and unsettling the atmosphere was and the voice acting was amazing too. Great job! Here is my video if anyone is interested:

This game was seriously amazing. I really enjoyed getting all 3 endings especially since each one was more and more mysterious. I highly recommend this game. Its a fun little game that makes you try to piece things together as you play. Here is my video is anyone is interested:

This game was actually really good. I enjoyed that there was a twist. I didn't expect it though. I also got jumpscared even though I thought I expected it LOL. great job on the game! heres is my video is anyone is interested:

I really enjoyed the game. it was very different from a lot of indie games I have played which was something I liked. the ending was really interesting too. I definitely recommend the game and I give it a 5/5. Here is my video on it if anyone is interested:

This game was pretty fun and interesting. the voice acting was pretty good and the character models were fun to make fun of. I think this game could have been worked on a little bit longer but overall this was a super fun game to play. It was also really fun to meme the hell out of this game. Check out my video if you want:

This game was actually hella funny and extremely random.. in a good way lol. definitely recommend it to anyone that is extremely bored and needs to laugh for a second. Here is my vid if anyone is interested: 

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game was pretty decent. In the video I said that the game could have been better and I think that everyone knows that but overall it was a good game with a really interesting concept. The way that the game was made was really good too. KEEP UP THAT GOOD WORK! Here is my video if interested :)

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This game was HALARIOUS. I really enjoyed just messing around and making fun of everything. The game could obviously be improved but it honestly doesn't need to. It was good enough as it is. amazing job and I definitely recommend this game. Here is my video:

This game was actually really interesting. It was relatable since I feel like we all have that feeling when we get up in the middle of the night to get a cup of water. The game gave me a lot of chills every time I heard a noise so good job on the game :). Here is a video if anyone is interested:

This game was actually SUPER cool. I didn't end up noticing exactly why I was losing things while gaining things but I figured that out later. The game was honestly a little bit sad but also very truthful. I seriously enjoyed this game a lot and I've done 4 different ending so far lol. Here is my video if anyone is interesting in watching: 

This game was pretty interesting. I liked the jumpscare and I liked the atmosphere a lot. I REALLY liked the pixelated style. I don't know exactly what was going on but I honestly liked that too. Good game for sure :) I made a video if anyone is interested:

Loved the game. HIGHLY recommend it. It got me like twice with a jumpscare and had some very unexpected things happening in the game lol.

I really liked the game. Its one of those games that just keeps hitting you with randomness that for some reason all makes sense. I really liked the open feel of things and the mechanics. It almost feels like a puppet combo game. I also really liked that there were a bunch of things that you could interact with. The only issue I had was my audio. I think it was bugged because it kept cutting out and making high pitched noises. This game is a def 5/5 stars! Merry Christmas everyone!

I honestly did not understand what the game was about but I really liked the way the game is played. I loved how we have to go through mirrors and get keys.... I just wish that I understood the rest of the game. I will give it a 3/5 stars. I am going to check out more of your games because I can tell that there was a lot of creativity put into this game. I also made a video on this game (its not very good lol):


I had heard of this game a while ago and never ended up playing it. I played it now and it was really cool. I really liked the concept. I got some chills down my back while playing. The ending surprised me even though I was confused at first. I give it a 5/5. I am looking forward to playing Start Survey 2 when it comes out. I included this game in my 4 scary games video. Here is the video if anyone is interested. The game starts at 0:45.

This game was interesting. I really liked the feeling of the game. it was very eerie and intense. the bodies gave me chills. Really good game in my opinion. I give it a 5/5. I decided to add my gameplay into my 4 scary games video. Here is my video if anyone is interested. The game starts at 13:07.

This game was really interesting. the name was very addicting to say LOL. there were a lot of unexpected moments and some questionable moments. i give the game a 4/5 stars. Good job! Looking forward to seeing more games from this dev. I included the game in my 4 scary games video. Here is my video if anyone is interested. The game starts at 6:46.

This game was actually pretty good and fun game. I will def check out the full release when I can. I will also look out for more of your games to play. keep up the good work!

woah is that aaryanb3????

This game was really creepy and I really liked it. I'm pretty sure I failed LOL but I was happy with failing. I jumped at the end even though it didn't look like much of a scare. I give this game a 4/5 stars and I definitely want to check out some more games from this dev. I included my gameplay in my 4 scary games video. here if my video if anyone is interested. the game starts at 10:31

fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun

This game literately made me sad.  after about an hour I just felt sad instead of mad LOL. I guess that's the point of the game though LMAO

Dema studios legit never disappoint somehow. also, nice vid

OMG you guys ALWAYS make the best games! You guys introduce everyone, develop a story, and then SCARE ME. It is so fun playing these games and I hope you guys continue to do these. I wish I could rate this more than 5 stars honestly. Here is my video on it if anyone is interested:

THANK YOU for making this game. I was actually not feeling that good on the day that I recorded this but this game really did make me feel better 

The game was a pretty good game and it was A LOT of fun to commentate over. I enjoyed all of it. I always felt like I was going to end up getting jumpscared LOL. Here is my video on it (I had no idea what to do for the intro so dont judge the video just off the intro LOL)

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)