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It was a great experience, would love to play more of things like this.

Really enjoyed the game, but it seems like I ran into some kind of an issue on Night 5. 
I've also left some feedback if you're curious.

It was a very interesting experience, would love to see more of this. I left some feedback at the end if you are interested.

Really did enjoy the experience, but I do wish I didn't need to walk around so much back and forth. It is very close to a perfect horror experience.

Really really loved it. It was a terrifying experience.

It was a very interesting experience. I do enjoy the parting from traditional backrooms formula.

I do highly appreciate the realistic ending, it was a nice add-on.

Really loved the demo, will definitely check out the full game whenever it is gonna come out.

I only have one minor negative note- the very last jumpscare felt out of place, it was pretty meh, especially when compared to the build-up through the entirety of the demo.

Interesting idea, but left a bit to be desired. Left some feedback and ideas in the video of what could be improved, hope it helps.

Enjoyed playing it, but would have loved to see more creepy things.

This was a really awesome experience. Certainly one of my favorites now.


This was heavy to go through, but I highly enjoyed the presentation of this.

It was a very unique experience, I enjoyed it.

It was nice, but wish it was longer.

It was really great all the way through with only a few small issues that I personally had.

The piano proved to be too much for me, I did however really enjoy the spooks.

I like the general idea, but it being so dark makes it very difficult to play. 

It was a very interesting experience, I enjoyed it. 

It's a cool idea, but I think some aspects of the game could be improved.

It was a great short experience, gave me the spooks.

Glad I'm able to help out so much.

I was playing on Windows 10, 64-bit, if that makes a difference.

Excited to see what your game will shape in future. 

Also, a little side note, I got copyright claimed on my video due to the songs in your game, make sure you have proper licensing whenever you decide to monetize your game, otherwise you may end up in a poopie situation because of using their music without a license.

I really loved every moment of the game, it is very high quality in terms of art and sound, did not expect this much polish at all. Do need to throw a small complaint about the puzzles though, besides one bein broken, it is hard to understand what is the expected result. Need to try to do your best to avoid 'Monkey Island' level of complexity, while I don't think this game gets there, it is something to keep in mind. 

It is fine for a first game, but I believe if you make some small changes in the game it would bring a major difference. When playing I went over certain sections and commented on them. Hope it helps.

Found to be creeped out by some moments, but in the end gave on finding all endings. 

Really enjoyed the creeps and the art design. Had a small issue finding the secret path, but I guess it was meant to be secret.

Really great experience, heavily enjoyed the feel of the game, but there were some parts that lack polish. Now I am very curious about the web series and want to find out more about the lore.

Fear of the dark or rather the fear of something in the dark always sticks with us from day one. This game perfectly displays the experience of those moments when you ponder if there really is something that you don't see. Would love to have an extended experience of this at some point. 

Wonderful art and soundtrack, absolutely love this.

Originally planned to play it in multiple sittings, but the game dragged me in too much and ended up finishing it all at once. 

Really well written characters, could easily feel their distinct personalities. Everything is very cute until it is not.

Amazing visuals, lovely the uneasy feeling while walking around the environment. Wish I could play some more of that in a more expanded way.

I really enjoyed the game, glad I took my time to play it. However short, it's an experience I won't forget.

Wish there was more, left a lot to be desired at the end. But I really did enjoy the way calm 'jump-scares' were presented, made me very creeped out.

Did not expect that midway in the game. The realization of what is about to happen scared me a lot.

Felt creeped out the entire time. Really love the visuals. The jump-scares definitely took me by surprise.

The rumbles were nice, definitely felt the atmosphere there, Finished it in under 15 minutes, nice and short experience.

Love the creep factor, it may have made me laugh, but only because of loving it so much. (5/5)