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Really great game! I swear people need to work on their survival skills... keep it up!

New update on Steam

Great concept, I would love to see more!

What a fever dream, love a game like this lol

Simple, but fun, game of chance! Nice job!

This game was pretty fun and the progression of the madness/plague and such was great! Nice job!

Awesome game! I can see a lot of potential in more game modes and such, nice job!

The game concept is fantastic and instills a wonderful sense of dread. Nice job!

The jump scare got me good! Great game, nice job!

Thank you very much! Same to you and your work!

Well done! The ending really tied it together!

I liked the imagery in this game and it did a great job telling a story with how short it was! Nice job!

Pretty great game, nice job!

Awesome game, good and interesting story! Nice job!

The game concept was really good! I enjoyed it up until the end... but it was still fun! Nice job!

Go to bed.

Pretty good game, love me a good cult!

This game was amazing, it's been a while since I've felt that unnerved... great job!

Laughing Jack looks great in this game and it got me with one of the jumpscares... nice job!

This game was hilarious,  pretty sure you achieved the goal here lol

It was a fun little horror game. There is definitely room for improvement, but nice job! Gameplay + all endings below:

I liked the gameplay and loved the ending... I wonder what we did wrong...

The story was pretty good and I liked the pacing, nice job!

Thanks for the well wishes! Same to you and your games!

Awesome game, I'm really digging the slight influx of SCP indie horror!

Good luck!

Interesting take on this steamboat willie trend, love a "pages" game. Nice job!

This game had great pacing and it is awesome seeing this creepypasta brought to life. Nice job!

Thanks for making it!

This was a really well made 087 body cam footage game. I'm very excited to see more SCPs and such implemented in the future. The voice acting is also great. Keep it up!

I think the gentleman below me is a being a bit harsh. In the end, a game is meant to be played for fun. I enjoyed the goofiness, it reminded me of a haunted house that someone put together. However, the story at the beginning compared to the game content is jarring... but I'm sure you'll get it. Keep it up!

This was a fun game. I felt like I cheated a bit, because I already knew the premise, but even then the crowds still did their job of making things more tense. Nice job!

This game's setting was awesome and I love the creatures as well. Nice job!

This demo is amazing and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. The mechanic with our dog is good and the vibes are fantastic. Nice job!

Tried the new mode... didn't do so well, but I love the greater difficulty!

This was very well done! Personally, if I was working in this garage, I would not have stuck around... but maybe there is more to it... then again, when has that every been a surprise in horror games! Nice job!

Damn, faster than my government, thanks for the reply!

I love the concept of this game and I'm really looking forward to its future!

I liked the setting of this game a lot... satanic rituals and scarecrows, nice job!

Legally distinct mouse captain, I love it! Great job!