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Thanks for making it!

Story is heartbreaking, but it was fun. Nice job!

One of those scary because it is real games, nice! Also, why is everyone screaming...

Of course, thanks for making it

Awesome game! Makes me want to go back and read the Metamorphosis! 

Great game, like the creatures and subtle sounds.

All good!

Lots of tropes done in a nice way, great stuff!

Great Content Added in this Update!

Amazingly done, I was in suspense the whole time! The subtle touch of the participants of the ritual surrounding you outside was great!

Feels like the Foundation is having fun with a D-Class at the bottom of some anomaly! Nice job!

It's an amazing game... just needed to figure out how to win it! Concept is great after understanding how to escape, sorry for complaining so much before I went and figured it out!

Awesome game, love the nod to the playthrough of The Smiling Man! As always, people love to open the door when they shouldn't...

This video was supposed to be a compilation but there was so much content and challenge that it ended up as a standalone video! Well done! Challenging enough to make me lose it a bit lol

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Great game for the concept! I had a bit of trouble with stutter in some of the areas and the "Skyrim Horse Maneuver" wasn't great... but other than that the sound was done really well! Nice job!

Of course, it was fun!

I loved this game, but unfortunately don't have the patience for it without saves or checkpoints... but I'll leave you with some wisdom. If you can eat your food, while everyone else is losing theirs, then you straight homie. Or something like that... great game!

Reminds me of the "ice puzzles" in Nintendo games and definitely a challenge. Nice work!

Fun little Frogger variant! Nice job!


Thanks for making it!

Thanks for the support and a fun game!

Of course, thanks for making such a fun game!

I like this concept that I've been seeing a lot lately, really creepy in the psychological sense. (I won't say it here to avoid spoilers, but I think I said it in the video) Great stuff!

Lol I couldn't help myself, I am glad you enjoyed it!

Of course! I'm glad I could help!

Lol of course, it was fun!

Thanks for the support! The game was a great concept!

Great take on something akin to purgatory or even hell, I dig it! 

Thanks for making it, great use of the concept!

I think there is merit in something simple and short like this, so no worries! Thanks for making it!

Definitely an interesting story to be unearthed here... nice job! Last game in my compilation video:

Simple concept, but very fun to play! Twelfth game in my compilation video:

Oops. I missed your statement above, but I still had fun for what it is! Eleventh game in my compilation video:

Good use of the one-button rule, not sure if a couple of my runs were bugged or if they worked as intended... but it was fun! Tenth game in my compilation video:

Definitely the most morbid game in the jam... but I think that's what it was going for! Ninth game in my compilation video:

My favorite game in the jam! Simple, but fun. Eighth game in my compilation video:

Awesome little game, I feel like the one-button rule was well used but may be holding this game back a bit... still fun though! Seventh game in my compilation video:

Well... I won't say this is the craziest thing I've ever seen... but it fits the criteria! Sixth game in my compilation video: