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Great game, simple, but lots of customization makes it feel deep and unique.

only 16 enemies will spawn for me... seems like it could get really cool tho

This soundtrack is perfect. AND THIS FINAL BOSS >:( 

The hitboxes are a little off centered. Try clicking towards the right of where you want to place the turrets.

Nvm I figured it out guys just keep clicking. The hitbox to place is a little off-centered

How do I place my turrets? Click no worky

so good! I wish i could attack up and down tho

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It looks kinda cute!

screams fill the night:


Hope the class went well for you! 


Was rocky the Demon all along? That Good Boy grafitii got me thinkin

OMGoodness this soundtrack such a bop

Kultisti gaemmmmmmmmmmmmm

It would be nice if you could see what each card does in the armoury

New Cultisti Gaemmmmmmmmmm

I think there's a typo in scarlett's info tab, it says "shoot a wave a fire." idk if its supposed to be like a southern 'wave o' fire' or smth.

Got a victory after beating not one, but TWO crowned squads :)

I was literally just going to ask if it was possible lol

You actually can: play it in a browser window on your phone. does work a little wonky on mobile, but it worked fine for me.

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Did I get all the berries?Also, is there any reward for beating the no hit version after going below the credits?


dude this looked kinda mid on the dashboard I was not expecting a masterpiece or the feels. legendary game.

Hi-score: 7397

les gooo

use arrow keys or WASD to move, and mouse to aim and select. you can also right click to use voids.