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loved the art and the bullet patterns and the story/concept, that's all great! But why did you make the player ship move so fast. Oh my god

amazing. one of the best games I played in 2019. lots to think about. carefully written. interesting levels. great art. wanna cuddle those abominations

somewhat strange comment to get out of the blue but this is absolutely one of my favorite games of all time good god. I don't know if you played those insane monkey ball levels with incomprehensible levels of moving parts and arcane fuckery but that's what you have done with the rotating squares series.
alternatively, these games are basically the "raiden" of avoider games: tight, executed to perfection, and aesthetically excellent

actually... no! I just assumed I had to finish the game. Hmm...

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oh, that makes sense. apologies for reporting the bug here then, I could've been more discreet about it. take your time with the update. I'm looking forward to digging into the bonus levels

love the game. reminds me of seiklus and commander keen. enjoyd being a caterpillar. however... I cannot finish the "main level." stuck at 71/72. I can see the final leaf—it's at the upper far right in a tree cubby, but I can't jump high enough or string anywhere to get it. must have missed something, or I'm not doing it right. help or a hint would be appreciated