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oh, dear me! roasted again!

cool, thanks! i am DEFINITELY out of this party, tho

what is system reqs?

whenever i'm on, there are no players on any of the servers.

could someone please at least make multiplayer for the version, even if it is the last thing you ever do with the game on

make pc version free again please!

could you please make the game free to play on pc like it was before? i actually liked it that way. why did you change it?

yes, they do work. all you need is WinRAR. download it here: (select the version that matches your operating system: 64 bit, 32 bit, etc.)

yes, we shall.

some of the human models are a popular unity template for blocky characters. not saying this game is unoriginal or anything (IT LOOKS AMAZING). this will probaby make for one of the most popular releases yet.

who or what are you, you idiot complex organism from planet 666

Damn, son. You're pretty good.

Dead Cell community · Created a new topic MULTIPLAYER???

It is absolutely out of the question to connect to any server of any kind, not that anyone would bother starting one, anyway. Please don't say games are multiplayer if they're not.

My brother has a pc and a great graphics card, but even he couldn't get over 20 fps. Please don't advertise if you can't deliver.

Oh, ok! Thanks!

And shrek is amazing.

Could you please add the ability to password servers so that people can play with just their friends?

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Right now, if you have the IQ for it. The only OS I play it on is Windows 10, and I manage average FPS of 150 on a Lenovo Yoga 11e (Pretty much the crappiest damn thing you could play anything on), so download now and start playing, fool!

That, I certainly shall do!

lel, no one plays this except a few (maybe 4) russians. make an oceania server and you might get a few more people. might.