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Boogie Woogie Woogie, time to move onto the next project.

I noticed 0x72's sprites here, cool

these look like 0x72's sprites but ghostified xd nice

Btw I also decided to follow too and added to my private collection :)

F L I P P Y  W I L L  C O M E  F R O M  B E H I N D  !  !  !

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Thanks for this amazingly cute game, been here for about 31 minutes already constantly hugging the squid plushie! Hopefully Flippy makes it back to his homeland all safe and in one piece! By the way, I'm leaving a 5 star rating on this game for Flippy's well-being. Thank you for the experience!

Oh hey this is 0x72's "16x16 Tileset II" sprites

Games can have the same name I'm pretty sure

Kreegola Can't tell if you're joking or not

Woo a beat it! <o/ Only when I decided to only go max speed and hold A to constantly strafe left, its kind of a cheesy method since the bullets are predictable but at least I finally beat it. really nice experience haha

I agree haha

Finally, decided to just spam dash and finally beat the boss haha

Looks amazing honestly!

Amazing, the graphics and juiciness are mouth-watering! Too bad I don't have a mouse and can only play on a trackpad. :I