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i love it!

:) Thanks for the idea

heh troll go wow

whats true ski- Oooooh you skip both gems

i think python's best, becuase it has built-in function's for text based stuff.

imagine 200m in the c-side lol

heres a video of the last room and what you need to do:tutorial

looks very official. great submission!

yeah, thats fine.

Thanks! i look forward to makeing it have even MORE pain and suffering (not really but i just wanna make it harder.)

i like it. It reminds me of JS&B. also, what did you use to port this to

yeah, i thought of like getting over it, but the hammers a magnet, and its atractted and repelled by magnets in the walls

I wanted to mod griffpatches Getting Over It But, is that ok? (im not skilled enough to make a platformer, let alone have it SCROLL)


yellow brick are supposed to do that, and I know that that ball issue is common, but it’s unfixable. Also, I makes for luck driven speed runs, which I love, so it’s fine by me

how do you reset your progress

how beat first level lol

i dont think it was harder, just reskinned. heres how i did (i do worse death-wise on the og)

yeah, but the thing is I can’t download tools because I use a school computer…

Thanks! For this game i used scratch ( i know its for kids but hey its easy to use!) my digital art skills kinda suck so i may not make a background but i will consider it.

Thanks! do you have any suggestions on how it could be polished?

yeah. i know its glitchy (im working on a bug fix.) and the coner thing, i dont know why that happens. mabye ill nerf the green bricks.

browser, and i try 2 times. i will try tomorrow

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Nice game! i enjoy everthing, but i think you could improve the graphics by giving everything an outline like the player, or take away the outline from the player. it also crashes on the third room so yeah :/

Thanks for the feedback! At the date i made this, i had no idea that other games that are the same premise existed (but no idea is completly o.g. obviously). the crashing is something i tried to fix, but i can try again, and i don't like the idea of controles with the keyboard because of how unresponsive my keyboard is, which makes it had to test.