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Even tho i thought this would be a bad ripoff of Ace combat i'm positivly suprised and have been loving it. This is a very good game that can stand for itself because it doesnt feel that much like ace combat and has its own game vibe, which i can definitly see myself playing alot :D To the devs: Dont mess it up with trying to get alot of profit out of skins and dlcs, alot of free content with a dlc here amd there that u have to pay for would be good. and listen to the community, i've been reading some comments here which mention things that are great and which are to be improved, so i'm not going to list everything i experienced because it's already been said.

Tho here are some features i'd like to see:

- A free flight mode with a big open world and alot of airports, aircraft carriers, easter eggs ,secret spots and rare occurings

- beeing able to land in free mode without having a cutscene like ace combat has (could also be implied to the campaign and other mode (maybe to get your aircraft fixed after taking some damage or even change your aircraft in game in a hangar, u just need to get there without beeing killed)

- randomly appearing ground troops in free flight that need support or randomly appearing bandits ( maybe some rare here and there unlockings, like a secret skin or something after helping them out or shooting the bandits down. And a penalty if u dont help them )

- a large variety of multiplayer modes 

- being able to play the campaign as CO-OP with a special CO-OP difficulty just for that or a seperate CO-OP mode

That's all, hope ya'll stay healthy and safe and have a good day :D looking forward to the full release !