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Try toggling fullscreen by pressing Alt+Enter

Thanks for letting me know! This is now fixed in the latest update.

Thanks for reporting! This issue is resolved with the latest update.

Yes! I'm currently working on other projects but I definitely have some big plans for Oceanwork.

Hey, congrats on your win and thanks for the in-depth review! The current version of the game is already sooo different and pretty much all of your points have been improved on. There should be a demo coming in the next couple of months. If you enjoyed the jam version I'm sure you'll also enjoy the demo as well. Thanks again!

Hello, can you please give me some information about your hardware / OS? Thanks!

Thank you so much for playing! That's a goodtime, well done!

Thanks for playing and the kind words! I've added numpad controls in the latest update. Let me know if that works for you. Thanks!

Just wanted to let you know that this issue should hopefully be fixed in the latest update. Please let me know if there are any other issues. Thanks!

Thanks! I'll look into it

Hey sorry about that! Can you give me some infos about your setup (OS, GPU, etc.)? Thanks!

Was it just the map that didn't display the hallway or was the room actually cut off? Either way, I've checked that the exit is always accessible from the starting position. So yeah, gotta fix that but it shouldn't be  actually game breaking

Hey, thanks for playing! Yep - everything you've mentioned is intentional. More or less all intricacies of mystery dungeon games. Oh and btw. there's an actual end if you want to come back to this game sometime again ;)


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Looks pretty haunted, if you ask me.

Which antivirus software are you using?

Thank you Sepi :)

I'm using the Godot Engine with C# for all of my projects :) I've worked on 'Shadow over Normoth' over the period of 30 days. Probably working something like 4 hours every day (sometimes more, sometimes less). 

thank you! :)

What a ride! Yeah I mean you definitely had some unconventional strats there, but hey it worked in the end :) Glad that you enjoyed the game and thanks for the vid! 

I released a new version yesterday which has quite a few more medkits to find. Just download the latest version available on itch if you're still interested in playing this again :) Make sure it says Version 1.2 on the title screen. Might have been a bit too unfair in the previous version. Sorry about that

Which version are you playing ? (you can see that in the bottom left corner of the title screen)

So the current version is intended to be somewhat of a "full game" but that doesn't mean that I would maybe pick it up some time again and expand on it. We'll see :)

"I hope this isn't FISHES blood!" - Ohhh why haven't I thought of that? That would've been perfect! :D 


Thanks for the kind words. Glad that you enjoyed the game :)

thanks! :)

Aw, thanks! Very much appreciated! :)


Hey, assuming you're running windows. Just download the zip file that has windows in it's name, extract it and double click the .exe file (it's the file with the blue Godot icon). Let me know if there's something else

Sure, have fun! :)

You can play it with  keyboard and mouse or a controller, whichever you prefer  :)

What a ride! Since you've asked for feedback I'll happily share my (spoiler free) thoughts. 


Starting with what I didn't like / could be improved:

- Like other have already said the movement feels a bit weird at times which for me comes down to two issues: collisions are a bit off at some points and I'm not a big fan of those tiles where you move slower. Basic traversal feels totally fine though

- The combat didn't feel very challenging or rewarding. Which is probably because of the very simple enemy AI and the fact that there's very little feedback on hits and no death animations. I've also never really had to use the shield. The roll was also more of a tool to get faster from point A to B.

- Some of the SFX is really jarring. Especially the sound of the bug net is so loud and high pitched that I had to turn the volume way down. I really don't mind these retro sounds in general but I would prefer them to be a bit quieter and not so high pitched

- There are some inconsistencies with how interactibles  are handled. Some doors, for example, say that they're locked to indicate that they can be opened while others say nothing. This can get quite confusing because there are quite a few doors that can't be opened at all.

- There's a point in the game where you can get to a place you aren't supposed to go to yet. While it's fine to block this area off, I didn't like how it was done ("invisible wall")


Now to the things I liked:

- The numerous references are quite obvious but everything has its own twist which was cool to see and very well done

- The overall atmosphere, world building and story was very interesting and kept me hooked until the end. This is undoubtedly the biggest strength of the game

- Exploration felt rewarding and I did enjoy all of the puzzles

- Pacing and progression was great. I never got stuck while it also hasn't felt too easy at the same time (this is very hard to get right, good job!)

- The scary parts were great! Even got me jumping at one point

- While the art is nothing too fancy it works great. Later areas are actually quite nice to look at

- The music is really awesome!


Overall I must say that this game, even in its current state, is really great and enjoyable from start to finish. I can't wait to play the final product. Good job! :)

Thank you so much for playing! Awesome to hear that that the game inspired you. Thanks! :)

Hey, thank you for playing. I'm always thankful for any feedback, so no worries there. I can totally understand that the basic (grindy) gameplay loop isn't for everyone and that is totally fine. But you're totally right that a lot of stuff feels a bit underdeveloped at the moment. And like you said that's a result of the very short development time. Yet most of these are actually problems I'm focusing on for the next big update. 


As for the kraken / coordinates. There's a hidden GPS upgrade which will make your current coordinates visible at the top of the screen :)

Still haven't managed to reproduce those crashes, sorry ;( There's a save system planned for the next update. Thanks for playing!

I mean every information you can give me will help me to reproduce it, so that would be great :)

Thanks for playing! Yeah I'm still trying to reproduce that bug, sorry for that

Hey! Thanks for the playing and the feedback. I can only agree on all the stuff you've mentioned. I have some ideas for a bigger update that would also address these points. Can't really promise when that will happen, though :) And yeah, payments are currently disabled for all my games. Thanks again!

Hey, thanks for playing! :) You got this, just needs some practise

thanks! :)