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I will take the game even with only local-multi gamemode, but ia have to be well made, and a minimun of 12 tracks, and i will take it to max 5 euros (around 6 dollars), and only if a steam version appear (don't really like paid games on, only use it for free games on

Try it, quite good, but only one track, i want more about this game

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Mad Max - Fury Road : The Game

Good job, just maybe add the way to play a single track and some more new content (night race) …

Rating : 5 / 5

Axesome work, really good, i have finish the game (and try the ng+), really like it, keep the good job

Rating : 5 / 5

the save/load is a good adding

I have played the demo, the game is quite good, good job :)


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The Game is awesome, the gameplay is really good, graphics also, now i am waiting after win loot / more content / save into the game :)

Keep the good work

Really good game but it is really to hard for me (can't finish race 4

Really good racing game, remind me the project SSGX

Good micro machine like with a lot of content (20 track)

Have more track than the micro machine world serie :)

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Good game, but only one map, do you add more content in the future ?