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Game is fun (currently at stage 305 however):

1. I maxed out the UPGRADE > Energy Regeneration rate to 5/5 and now I get this error:

An embedded page at says

An exception has occured, but exception handling has been disabled in this build. If you are the developer of this content, enable exceptions in your project's WebGL player settings to be able to catch the exception or see the stack trace.

I can still play the game but I cannot access any of the items in the UPGRADE tab

I can still access the SHIPS and POWER UPS menus to upgrade ships.

The game is still playable but now I cannot do anything with the UPGRADE tab, if I click it, it errors out and I have to reload the game.....

2. There are several typos as well but it does not really bother me much

3. I agree that he fourth ship is worthless as well, this game is all about maxing out fire rate and tanking with the first or last ship. The other ships have cool graphics but in terms of game play I only have used two ships to get to where I am at, the rest take too long to upgrade to keep up with the difficulty of the enemy ships in the later stages.

4. Overall I like the game, there are just some bugs to work out and I agree as well that there needs to be a way to make more stars quickly, there are too many games out there to make people spend a lot of time on one so giving access to all of the cool ships more quickly would do well to make this game have more options for strategy and fun. Also, can you add a way to select a target