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nice my mate


This is amazing and honestly, I was looking for a better animation tool for pixel art. Thank you!

Thank you i also think away to make more land using a building called a composter that uses stone and wood could help make more space for resources sorta like buying more land in forager

Cna you also make a menu for the key binds and leaving the game this could be like minecrafts way or forgers way ive played both probably minecraft would be quite easy if you arent going to add multiplayer

Hey TheShelfman can you make a saving system and a key binds for it please so i can change the inventory button to e

hey what i meant from when i want to delete chip i want to delete some that could be mistakes that you either dont need again

first place 2 inputs then place an and gate connect the and gate to the 2 inputs then connect the output of the and gate then connect it to a not gate then put an out put and connect the output of the not gate to the output and label this chip a Nand

hey i wish that he could add a delete button sometimes i accidentally make something then realize a flaw then i can't remove it so please add a delete feature for some chips

Hey guys I want to mod this to have sand 

like to do that

I hope that maybe you can make the rotate and mirror work

Also can you make a flip vertically

Hi I love your game can you add a clockwise spinner

in GB studio what is a good music editor

Ok ill wait until then

I'm going to tweak the sprite to make it fit my game which im going to put on a disk


How do I add a background just asking?

hey can I say I's working on a game that's like pokemon but science version


This game looks awesome but sadly I dont have a vr so I hope that you make this into a desktop game to 

Hey can I say that maybe I got an idea to help the game I have never used unity but maybe make a sound effect every time you eat an apple

and so when do you want me to start on the art note I use piskel

Hi I like the idea but can we work together on a platformer that you collected ingredients to make food like for example the first level would be at the wheat fields and you would collect wheat and then the next level is used with a left click right click left click combo to grind the flour then you go to the next part to help do the quest given to you so I want to work together with you because I never coded with unity so I could get the sprites and the ideas and I would make the plans like say someone wants a pizza you need the first world to get the dough the third world to get the milk/cheese so you need the fifth world for the vegetables and the enemies could give quests if the chef doesn't want his food to be messed with by them for example messing with the cooking of other recipes if you don't try to make the food that they want and these enemies could be the food bandits so simontheliquid like the request if you accept my request I shall help with the worlds the enemy designs how the worlds look and the food note this would be 16 bit

Sincerely Warpedmine