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Fun game! Good job! :) 

Really good application of the push and pull concept. I like the artwork--great job!

great atmosphere!

Love the art style. Good work!!

Lots of fun! I like the art style and concept!


I love the art style!

Awesome job!

I was considering using some of the more complicated models but you're right they would have taken super long to load. Thanks for checking it out and your feedback :) 

I got around the same! So hard!

Very impressive! :) 

Creative and cool concept!

This is so creative! I love the vibe of the game, as Ironclad mentioned

Great UI & execution! 

Great use of LLMs to create something quickly. Awesome job!

Fun idea! Thanks for sharing! :) 

I love this. Awesome job!

Super cool idea!

This is my attempt at creating an infinite series of Jeopardy questions using an LLM, GPT2, using the transformers library. It randomly feeds one topic of a 100 topic array at a time into GPT2. 

Unfortunately, it works very (very) poorly! Using a different, better model but the same general setup could probably lead to cool results! 

Maybe the code could be interesting to look at...

Very polished! Interesting games, and great job on developing this!

I really like the jumping mechanic. Great job on this!

Love the art style. Great job!

awesome job!

Great game!

Awesome job! Love the Donkey Kong sprite :)

Very entertaining! I loved the atmosphere created by the black and white grainy effect!

Awesome concept and fun game!

Thanks, Itizso! Appreciated. I might have to come up with more puzzles of that type :) 

Amazing job! And the tutorials you listed seem very useful. I'm going to check them out when I have some more free time!

Thanks! : )

Great job! I really like how the music goes along with the pacing of the game. The pathfinding on the Cops was good, too! :)

Love the UI & sound. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this! :) 

Thank you so much for the info, profan! :) 

Awesome! I was thinking about learning Aseprite, and you've just pushed me over the edge--I'll get it today! 

Do you have any tutorials or videos that you'd recommend?

I'm using a free asset pack that I have online. I'm thinking of learning to use Krita or Asperite, though!

Looks great! :)

Awesome job!

Looks awesome! What software did you use? :)

Thank you! I appreciate it :)

Adding lava or something similar is a good idea. I had a version with a simple Chthulu sprite chasing the player but decided to publish the simpler version!

Thanks! It's appreciated! :)