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having to pause to see whats in the dark that was well done and scary as hell. Also WHAT THE HELL WAS CHASING US!!! was it a centaur!?

Having to puase

For it only being a pic of a face it still got me DAM you but i like the zombie i think was the best part XD

I wish i played this sooner it was AWESOME!

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Bound to light well done i love the puzzles and them dam monsters even if i hate them just a little great game :D

All i can say is dam them manikins i love them but hate them it was pretty good i  enjoyed it cant wait to see what you do next :D

Well done i enjoyed this game even tho i had to read it was worth playing with there was more :D

Urbex well done my friend love this game :D and i want  my heart back


NP it was fun playing it :D

I thought i could live DX 

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OMG petting pups can life get anybetter i give this game 10/10 PUP IGN

This game teach you something good and what it teach you its dose well at it thank you for making this game it was soo good to play :D

OMG this was short but OMG that think scared the SH!T OUT OF ME!!!

Have to say for a demo not bad you made me scream like a baby. And OMG i hate when thing whisper to you AAHHHH nice touch.  i enjoyed it thx for making it :D


Np it was worth it :D

didn't think i had to use my keys skills PS. i don't have keys skills. but at any rate i had fun playing this and the quests scared me a bit as well XD Good game :D

kirigami omg was that a good time :D

THIS WAS GREAT you had me going there XD

NP i got the message

This game had me lost,scared,happy,and puzzled XD LOVED IT!!!

This was great a little long but that commentary was Awesome!!! the unknown is worth knowing :D

OMG love the way you have to use the light to solve the puzzle and that part when he got an idea LOL

loved that you had to shoot to get around wish it was a end to end thing but still great :D

This game is easy but hard simple but diverse and man this it piss me off. But still loved the game in the end thumbs up to you :D

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OMG The guy on the phone was awesome the game was give GREAT!!