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extremely realistic, i dropped my sangwich on the floor before i could eat it

Honestly this is a really nice game for warming up the brain. It also needs to be said that the sounds aren't jarring so it's really soothing and easy to get into a rhythm! Just really a nice math game c: I'm gonna show my engineer dad, I think he'll really like it too

thank u, i loved it

I really enjoyed playing through this bc I really enjoyed the characters and it was easy to care about them right off the bat.

spoilers: I was very underwhelmed by Souma's route honestly, and playing it first kind of ruined my desire to do Izumi's route after learning his identity. His pettiness from Souma's (bad??) ending also just really made my opinion of him sour...  I really wish there felt like more of an actual choice as to who could be the true ending but I still ended up completing and enjoying Izumi's route. And for only needing to sink a few hours in, it was really good! The art was solid (especially the sprites/expressions) and the soundtrack was simple but used effectively. 

I found the opening segment with Yuki's dream really relatable and intriguing with how it implied he was too scared/anxious to actually voice his concerns with his loved ones but I so wish it was expanded on a liiiiittle more. Also Mei and Rei are totally together in my heart uwu

tldr: really great and short and sweet! Good, likable characters and compelling plot. Recommended!!

i never expected this would change my life

: p