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Wow finally coming! I've waited so much for that!

Yes, great sids, is it possible to get them?

Started one hour ago...absolutely addicting! Awesome game, full of details, so much effort in it on every aspect. Congratulations, raises again the bar!

Excellent conversion!

Seems stunning, a masterpiece!

Awesome game, great graphics, wonderful music, you really did an impressive job! I really hope you’ll keep doing it! Just gave my small contribution, thanks for this jewel!

Hi, I reached the last level in the fourth world, I lost all the energy and got a new code, to try again from there. I tried this code but it doesn't work (I get invalid code)...any clues?

Excellent game! Really nice!

Ok thanks a lot, works like charm now!

Each time I load the game, right after run/return, I receive the message "Time Out - Reset Floppy and press fire", then nothing happens. I am using a Ultimate 64. Anything I am missing?

Really nice nice and enjoyable game! A nice summer surprise! Thanks a lot! Keep doing it!

Very well crafted and designed game, I am really enjoying it!

Fabulous game! Didn't read about it before and suddenly we have such an addictive and greatly executed game! Congratulations!

Fabulous game, it's giving me some CRL vibes, really like it! Awesome edition!

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Great game, many classics references in a great experience on its own, really a great game! Is a sid file of the music available?

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Another fantastic release, Soul Force X is a great gift! And congratulations for winning Retrogamer nations games of the year, top 2 games on the podium! Thanks and keep doing that, now we are addicted!

Great game! Can't wait for the sequel!

Ok sorry, I tried everywhere, also near the center, but not centered enough ahahah, thanks a lot!

not yet there…Ember must do something seems

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Well...I just battled with Kane, now without spoiling...someone must do something...I undestood what...but all the places I choose are the wrong ones...any hints? I can't go anywhere and I really don't know where to do what I have to do...

Hi just created Acredzfva spell, but I just wasted spell has been I doing something wrong?

Fantastic game, has it all, fantastic atmosphere and music, nice graphics, great playability, not too overcomplexity as a RPG. Great accomplishment, I am totally addicted to it so far!

Just started, but Briley Witch is really something new and refreshing in the C64 scene. Fantastic and very playable RPG. I like a lot the whole atmosphere and sound, playability is top notch. Really a fantastic accomplishment!

Looks great, with perfect animations and seems really good commands! Instant purchase!

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Really nice game, as others stated, very addictive! Liked also Alter Ego, some time ago...will contribute for sure

Really love it! Game, music, design, waiting for your next game!

I will for sure!

Great and really enjoyable game, beautiful graphics and music, really like it! I hope a physical version will come out sooner or later!

Hi! I purchased the game too, I will try it later today and leave my comments! Keep doing it!