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What a lovely, lovely game! I love the lost media trope to an unhealthy degree and reading the backstory first before playing leaves so much to the imagination. Did the heros enemies once have encounters too? Did the frog serve a greater purpose? What would have this game been, had the whole thing been possible to create. We'll never know...

I also had a neat experience accidentally. Being monolingual in english, I wasn't expecting to choose the spanish version, but when I did, I met the slime, who repeats what it says back to you. I was actually able to parse out some of the conversation this way without going to an external website, and it felt like a very cool moment.

Im trying to download this demo, but the build is "Undefined." Would you know how to fix that? Thank you!

I replayed this once again recently, I discovered a pretty bad bug though. I somehow was able to hit the lock twice while opening a door, and it ended up causing two rooms to spawn in at the same time. Both the background and the enemies were layered on top of each other. Made for a good challenge, but it crashed before I could finish the fight. I think I caused an event flag to happen twice and the game just rolled with it.

So I fought the first boss, and my current thoughts on the game is that it is a lovely piece. I do hope you will further explore the humanity of Blanket Person, or as I named them, Snob* 77** as I forgot for RPG maker games the X button is backspace. As I felt, Blanket Person is a stranger in a very strange land, and took to the world very quickly. I haven't left Nose Forest yet, but I hope to see more color in the game as we go on, even if it's just 2 main ones per area, but that is an artistic opinion of mine, not a critique. I'll be following for future updates, good luck on development!

The download link worked, thank you very much!

Sorry this isn't the feedback you would like, this game seems SUPER up my alley, but the download isn't working for me. I tried the alternative mode as suggested by itch, but it doesn't seem to work. Do you have any fixes?

Tried to play on keyboard, but it seems that movement doesn't work for wasd or arrow keys, any fixes?

So I played through the demo once, the opening Stage twice, and a  bit of the 2nd stage again, and I think my main gripe I came away with was that the hitboxes and how attacks are dealt are boring.

As an example in the factory,  the crate throwing conveyer belt boss wasn't fun. The crates as projectiles didn't make sense and I found myself taking damage on them a lot. It feels like you should be able to jump on them just fine, given that they're exactly a full normal jump to land on or go over, but the damage felt unavoidable with them. I ended up cheesing the boss by going to their side and using the invulnerability frames as I pumped charge shots into them. The blue projectiles as well feel super hard to dodge by jumping, and while it seems they're intended to be dodged by ducking, that removes a lot of the interesting back and forth in offense and defense I find in Platformer bosses. I think jumping should be just as good as an option as ducking, as giving more options to play against a boss can drive player self-expression (Aka finding what they find to be the most fun)

The stage design is a little bland, except for when Verticality is involved. That gives me an excuse for the option I ended up using the most (I'm not sure is intentional or not,) the charge jump. Holding down the fire button in the air to fire as a 3rd jump is one of the most satisfying things in a platformer I've experienced in awhile. The closest comparison I can think of would have to be skateboarding games like Tony Hawk, where you hold down the button until you're ready to pop an ollie. If it was more consistent to do, I think it'd be a great tool to have at all times, sacrifing the ability to fight back for the 3rd jump. The dash is very short, and only feels useful if spammed, but I think if just a little bit of momentum could be implemented into it, it could interact very well with the jumping and charge jump. The boss weapons felt a little underwhelming, and the invisibility like a way to just get free damage, but the foundation built here is VERY rocksolid, all it needs is to be further expanded upon.

Im sorry if this review is overly negative, I only played for 49 minutes and those were all the major things that stuck out to me, but I would like you to know that this is extremely impressive. Everything here was made with hope and I'll be following for future updates!

What a neat little puzzle game!

Very cool Zine, I think my favorite design would have to be Angelica, she's very reminiscent of an angler and thats cool! (Bonus points for the Ballpoint lol

It took me a stupid amount of time to realize this was related to Five Nights at Freddies, kind of a bummer we don't see the back room but this is a short minigame. (What would Cookingplex happen to be, by the way? I'm playing this as sorting by new.)

You know I was gonna write a fun comment about how making silly games where nothing is serious is important and that I laughed and cringed at many parts of this game, but for that final line I say fuck you. Thank you for making this

Really fun game, like a Rythm Heaven minigame never released to the public. If I had to make one criticism, it would be that the moment you start to shoot can be a little unclear, as sometimes I would wait too long for the Cowboy to place all the bottles and then I'd miss the first shot. But its a very fun, very satisfying experience to hit all the bottles!

Very neat game, would've been stuck on it for awhile since it wasn't clicking with me until I figured out  strategy of putting the priest out front to tank blows until I could swap the knight in, getting me a ways through each dungeon. Awesome game, wish there was a end image though

Just beat Shroom and Gloom, I've been looking for a game able to scratch an Itch similar to Inscryption, rougelike deckbuilder with crazy customization, which is fantastic since my laptop can't run more complicated games like that very well. Fortunately, this game ran like a charm! I hope you devs expand on this concept of a rougelike going all in on the customization aspect of things, I was able to end the run dealing actual hundreds of damage a turn, which was super satisfying finally getting through the mushroom dungeon. (Fuck the portal things though they ended so many runs)

Did you make this on cold medication

Game doesn't work. I played it about 7 times but the flashlight never worked and I couldn't see anything. Also in full screen mode the game hardlocks if you fall into the water. Had to manually restart my computer after 10 minute

Chess 2. I opened this game with no expectations. I do not even know, how it ended up in my library. I do not do drugs. I do not drink. I sleep well. I do not know how it ended up in my library. And yet, it was here. And I opened. Opened among the dozens, and dozens of games I own, I chose this one. And a duck, the duck struck me so. Why does he have a gun. How is this personal. But I could not bring myself to have it answered. I needed to go unspoiled. And I entered. AND ITS MADNESS! ITS  MADEMSESS? THE DUCK HE MOVES HE MOVES WTIH GRACE AND PAIN AND ALL THE MADNESS OF THE WORLD HE IS SO FAST< I CONTROL THE FAST I CONTROL THE DUCK THE PIECES MEN NOTHING TO ME I AM IN CONTROL I AM IN POWER I WILL KIlLL

but nothing. It could not be brought too. The music loops. I am back to square one. The Greatest victory is the one that requires no battle. But yet, I battle so, so much and there is no victory. The pieces do not yield, the duck tosses himself into oblivion. Over, and over, his suicide only a dream. The duck can only battle. I cannot let this alone, but the game does not yield. The music is building again, how can I do this.

I check the store page

there is an option to fire the gun

Never have I ever considered the possibility, of asking myself, why do I play video games. Why do I play them. I gain no satisfaction, no artistic prowess in my pursuit of completing my backlog. It is an endless, ever growing list of chores that the only way to beat is to throw it all away. But alas, the cycle of life cannot be stopped. The march of time crushes us beneath its boots, enjoying our short lives while we can. I see my steam friends list. I see a friend Playing Rainbow Six Siege, a game I know many are addicted to, a game that many love, many hate, but I never have played, and likely never will. We all have our parts to play in this theater of existence, and I hope that the creator of this game knows that as well. Too bad the sound design fucking sucks