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Might be a little bit better if the cash count didn't flash around trying to stay centered.

Oh... Infinity...

Times around 1e+100NT!

Times around 1e+50NT! Not a well balanced game, but fun!

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This is actually really good! My only suggestion would be to make the people in the chat maybe a little more interactive with the player (I know thats basically making an AI but it would help), and a bit less camera shake (it's kind of disorientating). Great job!

I have played LOADS of itch io games and this is a great one!

Oh I just realized development ended! Sorry!

Definitely has potential!

I love it!

BUG: If you go into the shop menu, you can repeatedly click the buy button and it will appear as though you bought more heroes, but it doesnt always give you more heroes, but it sometimes does...