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Warfare Ridge

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I was not expecting this. 72 joined and 40+ entries. Amazing.

Another will come from September-November

Cool? I think the success of this jam I will make another one! September-November

45 people have joined, and out of them 25 have submitted an entry. Pretty good. Once this jam is over, I'm playing all if them AGAIN!

No pictures?

thx man :) this game is one of my many classics

Seriously, most people don't apply real-life physics in a video game XD

oh, I just like numbers for menus and letters for choices. 

I would say no, but people have already done that :( So I guess yes? I mean if you would like to get motivation, submit what ever you'd like. I'm always looking for feedback as well.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for submitting in Anything Goes jam! Can't wait to play it!

Can't wait to play it!

XavierDD1st, go at man! I'd like anything at all!

Nice! Can't wait

Thank you guys for the submissions! I can't wait!

Already 2 submissions? Great for the first day. Hope to see more!

Thanks for submitting the entry. Can't wait to play it because I'm on vacation.

Can't wait to play it! I'm currently on vacation. Thanks for submitting!

Only 6 days left until the Jam starts officially.

Hello! For people who joined, thank you very much. This jam is gonna start in June and go on for a while. So... I was wondering if anyone possibly had an idea of what they'd like to do.